Best Books for Bookworms

Morgan Lind, Clubs Editor

      During a time like now, where students are at home and most likely bored, reading books is a good way to relieve some stress, entertain yourself, and maybe even pick up a new hobby. Reading books is a calming activity and can help with comprehension as well. There are many great books out there depending on someone’s preferred genre, such as fiction, non-fiction and more. One book that is a classic to read is “The Outsiders.” Having read the book, sophomore Camila Escobar expresses, “as of right now I am rereading one of my favorite books ‘The Outsiders.’ It’s full of adventure, tragedy, romance, and all the great qualities of a good book, which helps distract from the recent events occuring.” This book is a classic and became popular due to its story about teens and their personal journeys. “The Outsiders” is also a coming-of-age book which allows teens to possibly relate. Nowadays, due to technology, both of these books can be found online as an e-book, but can also be purchased as a physical copy. Another good book to read during quarantine is one called “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close,” which is about a boy who’s trying to look for a final message from his dad, who passed away on 9/11. Senior, Samantha Cover, states, “I think Jonathan Safran Foer portrayed an honest example of the mindset of those that survived or witnessed 9/11. He handled the psychological aftermath really well,which is something I think really speaks to our generation and how that event shaped the culture we grew up in.” This book captures the emotional response from 9/11. It creates a sense of sympathy as well as empathy, allowing the reader(s) to become a part of the story. With that being said, there are many books that can spark interest during this time and it can be a good idea to put your brain to work and try to relax while reading a book or two.