2020-2021 Staff

Paula Lillquist

News Editor

  Hey! My name is Paula Lillquist. Last year I was Tech Editor, and now I am News Editor for the CHAT. I play volleyball both on our school's varsity team and in a club separate from school. I have also been vegan for abo...

Morgan Lind

Features Editor

  Hi! My name is Morgan Lind, and I am the Features Editor for The CHAT. I am currently a junior, and have been in newspaper for about two years. I play on the varsity volleyball team, and have been playing for about eig...

Kiersten Warren

Student Life Editor

  Hi everyone! My name is Kiersten Warren, and I am a senior. I’m the Student Life editor for the CHAT, and I love binge watching Netflix and spending money on clothes and food :) I’m also currently the SGA President, w...

Joshua Lasarte

Sports Editor

  Hi everyone I am Josh, I am a junior and the sports editor for the CHAT. This is my third year doing journalism/newspaper. My favorite things to do are go fishing then watch, talk about, and play sports, specifically bas...

Trisha Villanueva

Staff Writer

  Hi! My name is Trisha Villanueva, and I am the Social Media Editor for the CHAT. This is my first year in Newspaper, and I’m already enjoying it. I love dogs, watching shows and movies, and spending time with my fam...

Marko Barrera

Staff Writer

My name is Marko Barrera, and I am currently a sophomore. I’m one of the staff writers in the Newspaper, and I love playing basketball. I am a part of the school’s Math Honor Society, Key Club, as well as the class historian for...

Lucas Giron

Staff Writer

  Hi I’m Lucas, and I’m currently a sophomore. This is my first year in Newspaper, and I am really excited about what this class has to offer. I’ve been playing soccer ever since I was 5, and I love to listen to mus...

Savannah Searcy

Staff Writer

  Hi! My name is Savannah Searcy, and I am a staff writer for the CHAT. I’m in 11th grade, and this is my first year in Newspaper. I enjoy watching different shows and movies, and I love listening to music. When I’m not...

Camila Escobar

Staff Writer

  My name is Camila Escobar, and I am in 11th grade. I am currently a staff writer for The CHAT. I love watching Netflix and dancing. I dance on the school’s Latin dance team, and I’m an active member of our Best Bud...

Kimani Dodd

Staff Writer

Adam Abougendia

Staff Writer

  Hey! My name is Adam Abougendia, I am a sophomore and I am a staff writer here for The CHAT. I enjoy working out, writing for the newspaper and listening to music. I play soccer for the varsity team here at Charter. I...

Jeinily Bencon

Photo Editor

  Hello! My name is Jeinily, and I am a junior. I’m the photo editor for the CHAT, and I’m so excited for this year. I love watching Netflix and spending time with my family. If you have any photographs or digital art...

Mia Mateo

Opinions Editor

My name is Mia Mateo, I’m the Opinions Editor of the CHAT. I’m a sophomore, and I like dancing and hanging out with friends. My favorite shows are Outer Banks, Money Heist and Lucifer. I’m a part of the Latin Dance team ...

Maxine Martinez


  Hi! My name is Maxine, and I’m a senior. This year I’ll be working with Alan as Co-Editor in Chief. Some quick things about me are that I love watching Netflix, reading (even though I don’t do it nearly enough), and...

Nicole Llanes

Culture Editor

  Hi everyone, my name is Nicole Llanes. I’m currently a junior, and this is my second year as a member for the CHAT. I am the Culture Editor this year. I love watching new movies, shows, and eating… a lot. If you hav...

Alan Mathew


  Hello! I’m Alan, and this is my fourth year as a member of the CHAT. I love and struggle with writing in equal measure, which makes it an incredibly fulfilling venture for me. As Co-Editor-in-Chief, I’m so incredibly exc...

Samantha Miragliotta

Small Copy Editor

  My name is Samantha Miragliotta, and I am in 10th grade. Currently, I am the Copy Editor for The CHAT. I love graphic design and playing both tennis and soccer with my family. I play on our school tennis varsity team, and...

Rebecca Lim

Technology Editor

  Hi everyone, my name is Rebecca Lim, and I am the Technology Editor of the CHAT! I am a sophomore, and this is my second year being a part of Newspaper and my first full year. I enjoy reading everything and anything, li...

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