Studying In the Midst of Chaos

Paula Lillquist, Tech Editor

With all the chaos happening around your house it might be hard to find a time to sit down and just focus on your work. Here are 5 different tips to help improve studying.

  1. FIND A LOCATION– Choosing the spot around your house to study in that is both quiet and clean is very important. By consistently studying in the same spot you will be able to classically condition your brain into associating that place with school work. This is imperative to focusing. 
  2. MAKE A SCHEDULE– With assignments constantly bombarding your schedule it’s hard trying to keep track of everything. By making a todo list and tackling each assignment one at a time, it makes the large list grow smaller and smaller. Junior, Romina Torchia is currently taking 3 Aice and 2 AP classes and since school ended, the workload has not stopped. She stated, “Something that I think really helps is making a to-do list. Every morning I log onto each one of my classes and I write down the assignments I need to do. As I complete the assignments, I check them off my list.” By making a list, it helps organize all the chaos into a manageable schedule. 
  3. PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY– When you are starting to work on your list, your phone should go out of sight. According to the American Psychological Association, having your phone out while doing work causes performance to be reduced 20%! Senior Madison Lopez stated, “I realized that when I had my phone out while I was studying I would always check on it whenever I heard a notification. Now, I keep my phone out of my room and I really see a difference in my efficiency.”  When you are working on an assignment it doesn’t matter what happens on social media, all of your attention should be directed to the task at hand. 
  4. TAKE FREQUENT BREAKS– Everyone’s concentration span varies from 25 minutes all the way up to 90 minutes. After your concentration span’s time is up your mind starts to wander so you’re not putting your full effort into your assignment.  In order to shape it back into place, pull away from your homework to take a small walk or eat a snack. It’s also really important to stay active during this time so exercising is also a good way to take a break. 
  5. MAKE YOUR TIME EFFICIENT– When you have the entire day to do an assignment and wait 11:50 pm to start, it’s going to stress you out. Waking up early and finishing your assignments in the beginning of the day will leave you with plenty of time to do different activities throughout the day.