No Time to Love


Sophia Cortes, Entertainment Editor

    Billie Eilish once again takes the world by storm with her moving new song, No Time To Die. However, this time the enigmatic artist didn’t release the song as anticipation for an upcoming album, but as something the rising star hasn’t done before; a song for the upcoming James Bond film of the same name, No Time To Die. Billie Eilish has been making waves since her debut EP in 2017, and recently with No Time To Die she has become the youngest person to do the theme for James Bond at only 18 years old. Listening to the song, it’s no wonder why she has garnered this much attention at such a young age. 

     No Time To Die is not what many would expect to see in the average spy film, but James Bond is no average spy, and Billie Eilish is no average musician. Joining forces with her best friend and brother Finneas, legendary composer Hans Zimmer, and former guitarist from The Smiths Johnny Marr, the group of powerful musicians create a spy theme like no other. “I think it was an awesome song for James Bond,” says senior Samantha Cover, “I love Hans Zimmer and Billie so much, and I think they were able to make a good mixture of the classic spy theme and the modern drama of action movies!” No Time To Die is very reminiscent of Billie and Finneas’ style, dark and mellow, with Billie singing in her usual dream-like whispers. However, with the help of Hans Zimmer and Johnny Mar, the group adds elements often seen in Bond films across time; fast paced strings, a heavy and present bass, and at a breathtaking swell of an orchestra at the song’s climax. Die hard Bond fans will also notice the minor chord closing out the song as a minor 9th chord, the same one used in the iconic Monty Norman James Bond theme. 

     The music itself isn’t the only portion of the song where Billie and Finneas showed their prowess, the lyrics pack a punch or two as well. Ominous lyrics present throughout the song seem to foreshadow a betrayal close to the spy’s heart, something which was hinted at in the trailer for the film. If you’re eager to find out how the secret agent with “the license to kill” may be changed forevermore, the film comes out on April 10th, and it’s sure to be a thrill.