Morgan Waves Goodbye to the CHAT After 3 Years


Rebecca Lim, Editor-in-Chief

   Clubs Editor, Features Editor, and Managing Editor: senior Morgan Lind has worn many hats since joining the CHAT staff in her sophomore year. 

   Like most, Morgan was unsure what high school would hold for her when she first stepped foot onto campus. What type of grades would she get? What clubs and activities would she join? What were her goals, overall? As she puts it, “In the beginning of high school I was scared about what I wanted to do with my life through these four years. I had big goals for myself but thought that the end was too far away.” Nonetheless, Morgan was able to cast her doubts aside after her freshman year and took a leap of faith: joining the CHAT Newspaper staff. 

   Not only did she join the staff, but she was even able to snag an editor position in her first year, something that took and showed great initiative, responsibility, and dedication. Morgan expresses, “I feel that my first major accomplishment would be stepping into newspaper straight out of freshman year and getting an editor position the same year.” For her, becoming Clubs Editor—and subsequently curating stories related to the various student organizations at Charter—as a first-time member of the staff was an opportunity that led to countless other doors opening: “It really allowed me to become more involved with the school and be more open to other possibilities that I can achieve throughout high school,” she states. 

   After starting off her time on the CHAT staff with a bang, she continued to become Features Editor through the fully virtual 2020-2021 school year, all the while maintaining her other classes, activities, and responsibilities. Reflecting on her high school years, Morgan looks back at all of her accomplishments “[like] meeting new people, achieving high grades, and overall just putting [herself] out there” with pride: “I worked hard and tried my best throughout those years.” On her character, Morgan says, “I would describe myself as compassionate, hard working, and selfless… Helping others is also a big thing, and making sure others have good support systems and care before myself.” Her team-oriented attitude undoubtedly helped catapult her to the position of CHAT Managing Editor during the 2021-22 school year. 

   Evidently, Morgan will be leaving her mark on the CHAT staff, even beyond her departure, and especially on her two successors: 2022-23’s co-Managing Editors Marko Barrera and Samantha Miragliotta. Marko expresses, “I’m excited to take on the role… I’ll do my best to follow in [Morgan’s] footsteps.” On Morgan’s helpfulness, he adds, “I think she’s definitely done her part in guiding me into her role…with her help I’ll be able to do my part in making next year as successful as this year.”

   As for Morgan’s future after graduation, she reflects that “being so close to graduation at this point has made [her] realize that high school really does go by so quick and…truly enjoying it is something that’s super important.” She adds, “I have [made] so [many] fun memories throughout high school and can’t wait to make more afterwards in college and more…” 

    Wherever Morgan’s journey leads after high school, she will undoubtedly carry the lessons learned and experience gained from her three years on the CHAT staff with her.