Behind the Scenes: The Successes of the Senior Student Council


Daniel Morrison, Staff Writer

   With the 2021-2022 school year approaching its conclusion, so too is the Class of 2022 Student Council. However, the council cannot go without recognition—through a diligent team of council officers, a president, and a sponsor, the Class of 2022 Student Council has been able to overcome the drawbacks set by the pandemic and achieve great success for the senior class.

   “The Class of 2022 officers have been an amazing team,” says class sponsor, Ms. Clarel Salazar. “We were able to have most of our officers for consecutive years which made this experience even better.” One of these officers is senior and Class of 2022 president, Stella Dioguardi. “Being a part of the Student Council has been an amazing journey,” Stella says. “We definitely had our ups and downs throughout Covid-19, but despite this setback, senior year has been one of the best years in the history of charter,” she continues, proudly.

   Dioguardi has been the Class of 2022’s president since freshman year, an impressive role that has contributed to the team’s success. “Being class president has been truly an honor. I’ve learned to become a leader who is able to inspire others and have a voice for the students of my class,” she says. Ms. Salazar reinforces these qualities. “Stella has been a great president, always eager and ready to take on any and every task,” the sponsor says. 

   Treasurer of the Class of 2022, Jeslyn Chacko, has handled the class’ finances for two years in a row. “My experience in Student Council was amazing,” the senior says. “It really gives you a different perspective on what really goes down when planning school events and is a great way to really be involved,” she elaborates. Salazar highlights Jeslyn’s attributes, crucial to efficient planning and execution. “Jeslyn demonstrated outstanding leadership and initiative—I knew anything I presented her with would be taken care of quickly and effectively,” the sponsor says. With this stellar chemistry between the team, it’s not surprising to see that significant progress was able to be made. 

   The council shares what they think their biggest success was over the years: prom. “We worked on prom for over a year and although it was stressful, it ended up being an amazing event with so many smiles. It went perfectly,” Jeslyn says, giving a special thanks to Ms. Salazar. “We were so ready,” Stella agrees. “After many, many hours of planning and collaboration, the venue and theme turned out to be extremely unique and beautiful.”

   The seniors offer guidance to the Classes of 2023-2025, advice needed to make their own future seniors appreciate prom and all events in between. “My best advice is to never give up and always be creative and unique,” Stella says. “The ultimate goal for each class is to have the best prom, senior shirts, and jerseys before graduating. Fundraising is also a big goal.”

   “The number one piece of advice is to be organized,” Jeslyn starts. “We usually share documents with each other to jot down all of our ideas so that we can all collectively come to a decision. I would also say to keep a schedule with your group that fits everyone’s schedules and show up to the meetings! You need everyone’s input to successfully get an event done,” she finishes. “Good luck!”

   “Good luck!” will be one of the last few words heard from the Class of 2022 Student Council. Ms. Salazar reiterates her gratitude to the team before their departure. “This year all of our officers came together to organize the big and unforgettable moments for the senior class. I am extremely proud to have sponsored the Class of 2022! I could not have asked for a better class of officers—they will all be incredibly missed, but I am sure they will continue to do great things,” Ms. Salazar says, pleased. 

   Indeed they will be missed, because most of the smiles, laughter, amusement, and memories of the senior class can be attributed to “our Student Council group of all girls who showed a lot of girl power for planning the hardest year!” Jeslyn exclaims with a smile.