Exciting End of Year Activities for Jags!


Trisha Villanueva, Staff Writer

   The time has come: after all the hard work the Jags have put towards the school year, things are calming down. Exams have started, teachers are moving at a slower pace for finals, and Jags can start thinking about end of year activities. The question is, what end of year activities are students most excited about?


“I’m excited for the Band Banquet, I’m excited to watch the Dr. Strange movie, and I’m excited to just enjoy the summer with my friends, like go to the pool or go on a picnic.” – freshman Alessandro Alcerro


“I’m excited to be able to go to practice more and have fun summer activities in general, like going to the beach and hanging with friends.” – sophomore Samantha Cayouette


“Personally a lot of my friends and I are looking to make plans after exam season is over. It’s gonna be such a relief to have all of the testing over and done with, and we plan on going out and having fun to celebrate. A lot of my teachers are also gonna tone down the workload in class, and there’s a lot of fun end of the year projects planned too, so I’m looking forward to that as well.” sophomore Isabella Cely


“Once school ends, I’m going to be focusing more on my club basketball season. I’m traveling to Texas, Kentucky, and Chicago and I’m looking forward to being able to spend more time together with my teammates, especially since it’s a new team!” – sophomore Morgan Taylor 


“I’m most excited for the seniors’ last day when they toss their shirts in the air. It’s a bittersweet moment because it’s both a goodbye and the beginning of a new chapter.” – junior Diana Angel


“I’m honestly really excited for exam season to be over but I’m also really looking forward to performing at the Broward Center for their spring musical in a few weeks!” – junior Maria Funes


“I think in general Grad Bash is what everyone’s looking forward to. The idea of riding roller coasters with your best friends or loved ones is super awesome, a great way to end the year. With all the exams out of the way and all the other stress that comes from senior year, it’s nice to be able to spend the entire day with friends at Universal Studios.” – senior Alejandro Noguera


“I’m extremely excited for prom! I think it is going to be a beautiful night where we can all just have so much fun together, and seeing everybody dressed up is going to be amazing! I know that they are doing an extraordinary job preparing for prom and it will be out of this world.” – senior Adrienne Ospina