Boosting Your Brain With Brownies

A Study Tip for the Books


Photo by Natali Brito

Rebekah Barrera, Staff Writer

   Neck aching and hand cramping, you can’t help but let out a loud yawn at the content-packed page before you. Along with it comes tears flooding your eyes, the eyes that you could barely keep open as you flipped through your dense textbook in an attempt to study. When the aroma of freshly baked brownies floats into your study area, your mind suddenly wakes up with a new energy, exactly what you needed from the start of your session.

   While they may sound insignificant, snack breaks like these play a super important role when it comes to testing season, perhaps the most stressful time of the school year. For some people, increasing anxiety means skipping meals for the good of their scores, but trust me, it’s a lose-lose situation. As Senior Julian Villarta, President of the Culinary Club, explains, “it’s always important to give yourself breaks because you’ll study more efficiently… it’s really hard to think straight on an empty stomach.”

   So don’t think of food as a setback to your goal! Not only do snacks keep you physically healthy during an exhausting time, but you can even use them as motivation before testing. And what better encouragement than some warm, fudgy brownies?

   Brownies, the classic dessert, are an automatic daymaker with its crispy crust, soft insides, and all its chocolatey goodness. Just thinking about it already brings me joy, but plain brownies aren’t where the fun stops. Junior Macarena Morales, who’s found herself exploring ways to de-stress amidst her AP- and AICE-packed schedule, points out that “you can pair [brownies] with so many other stuff like milk and ice cream,” while banana bread isn’t that versatile.

   Sure, some people consider these combinations (or even the brownies alone) too sugary in comparison to the balanced sweetness of banana bread, but don’t feel guilty about that now! There’s already enough to worry about this testing season, and adding this to the list only puts more pressure on you. Like Junior and high achiever Chelsea Ugwuozor says, “The right food/snacks always manages to cheer [you] up and it helps take [your] mind away from all the stress going on around [you].” Remember, you’re taking a break, and breaks should be free of any worry.

   Of course, you don’t have to go too crazy with your little snack break. After all, brownies are known for being simple treats that are easy to make, especially if you have a box mix. Banana bread, on the other hand, takes more time and effort to prepare. The reality is, though, why waste time for the same result? With baking brownies, at least you can guarantee that you’re on track in your study schedule.

   So whether it be with brownies, banana bread, or something else, don’t forget to take care of yourself this testing season! Treat yourself with snacks during study breaks, and remember to eat a filling breakfast on your testing day. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, so it’s important to keep your stomach full for your own success and to finish the year off strong!