Finding New Courses Through Course Selection


Photo by Jeinily Bencon

Marko Barrera, Student Life Editor

  With the testing season inching closer and closer, the special time of course selection is back and it’s new norm will still take some getting used to. Students have always been used to entering their English class and getting the cardstock yellow paper to bring back the next week. Not anymore.

  After a full year online, administration realized the efficiency of implementing digital course selection. Moreover, the timing is a little different, as mentioned before. Rather than getting a 12×8 cardstock sheet before having to analyze essays, students will be getting their course selections through FOCUS, as well as a lecture about it in their social studies class after spring break. Counselors’ lectures have always been helpful to students struggling to decide what classes they need and want to take next year. “Speaking to multiple counselors set me on the right path,” says junior Jorge Munoz, “Their advice puts a balance on my educational desires and necessities.” 

  The Administration at Charter usually gets a busier plate around this time, especially with more student meetings for course discussion. With the return of Summer Dual Enrollment, Ms. Fernandez, Charter’s College Coordinator, has gotten her fair share of conversations with those trying to get a head start on college prerequisites. Dual Enrollment gives high school students at Charter the chance to take college courses, through Broward College, during any semester, so they would not have to wait until after high school. Because of COVID, BC stopped offering their summer classes, until opening doors  two years later. According to Fernandez, there are about 200 kids enrolling this summer. “In February, there were already over 100 kids asking for meetings with me,” she said. Along with discussing dual enrollment plans, she goes further and even helps plan out their route for the following school year. Because of her experience in administering at colleges, she has tended to help a lot of students in preparing their futures. “Academic advising is all about the big picture,” she stated, “You simply have to understand where you need to go and what you need to do to get there.” With Summer Dual Enrollment back into effect, students have more opportunities to get ahead of the game.

  Another new feature will be the introduction of the blended model of classes, otherwise known as hybrid learning. To read more about it, check out our Hybrid Learning story. !

  Until course cards come out, enjoy your spring break and be ready to make important decisions when you return!