Euphoria, A Complexity


Photo by: Tyler Hilliar

Lindsey Smith, Staff Writer

    Euphoria, the sensational show that has overtaken the T.V. world, not only addresses controversial topics, but also allows viewers a step into the unknown world that is all too true for many. With sensitive topics, many different warnings about potential triggers have been issued. Nevertheless, it is clear that the show has made an impact by captivating its some 16 million viewers. With both confounding story lines and heart-rending characters, the show certainly has quite the impact. 

    Sophomore Madison Toussaint expressed her views on the well liked show stating, “I like the show because it captures real life events that happen to young adults without sugar coating it.” The overall appeal to the show is also coherent with its overall aesthetic, “…I really enjoy the artistic vibe that it gives [as well].” In terms of support for season three, Madison has mixed views. “I’m not interested in watching season three because I’m not proud of how the plot is going,” she expressed. “But I must finish,” she admitted. Although watching season three may seem to be made on a rather grudgingly decision, it is directly related to the storyline. “Something interesting about the story line is that it could be a life or death situation, but the show makes it seem normal,” she explained, “[but] something uninteresting about the show is that the characters are very unlikable.” Although how well-liked characters are varies from person to person, Madison’s views are clear: it’s a complicated, love-hate relationship. 

    In comparison to Madison’s opinions, sophomore Jesus Rubio-Bermeo expressed his feelings for the show, saying, “Euphoria is a complex series, but in short terms, it is a good cringe.” Although his opinions on the show are more up for interpretation, one thing remains: Euphoria is known for its complexity. An entertaining show nonetheless, yet one not without its variety of “wait, what” moments. Sophomore Lady Zuriel Ayebah also expressed her feelings toward the show in terms of complexity. “I do think [the show] is complex. I think there are multiple layers to show a variety of struggles. For example, struggles during adolescence to even the struggles that some drug addicts may go through. I feel like that’s the beauty of the show; there’s at least one thing in the show that you might relate to for all ages.” After stripping each layer down and breaking the show down to its bare bones, the show can be seen for its true intent of raising awareness for the life that so many must face. Sophomore Corene Scotland agreed with Lady in regards to feeling certain connections in some way with the characters. Lady also admitted that she will be watching season three, “[o]f course I plan on watching season three. The show is so good as it is, I can’t wait for the seasons to come.”

    At an unbridled attempt at putting viewers in the shoes of the characters and painting a world with a whirlwind of problems and seemingly always worse decisions, Euphoria has still captured the attention of many, and the highly anticipated season three is eagerly awaiting.