Fans are “Happier Than Ever” for Billie Eilish’s World Tour


Photo from Unsplash by Nathan DeFiesta

Marissa Levinson, Staff Writer

  Thousands of empty seats with no one to fill them, echoes of silence where crowds once sang along to their favorite songs, and a stage with no spotlight beaming on an overjoyed artist is how concert venues have been looking over the course of this strenuous pandemic. Now, microphone stands are placed once again, sound equipment is plugged in, and Billie Eilish takes the stage. 

   “There’s a great feeling about hearing a song you always listen to live,” sophomore Kiley Irizarry recounts. “It’s so special to be around other people having the time of their lives with a shared love for an artist.” The environment created in one stadium for one night is irreplaceable and holds a memory to last a lifetime. 

   With her career taking off steadily since 2016, Billie Eilish has already made her mark on the world of music starting at a young age. The 20 year old singer-songwriter sensation gathers her seven Grammys, and claims the title as The Youngest Artist to Win More Than One Record of the Year Grammy with plenty more achievements under her belt. 

   After not performing on tour since 2019, Billie Eilish prepares for thousands of elated voices chanting her name on the Happier Than Ever, The World Tour. The tour that has been taking over the globe began on February 3rd to a stadium of eager fans from New Orleans, kicking off her five month concert spree across parts of the world. Following her fifth tour, Where Do We Go, this world tour brings new songs to the set list from her album Happier Than Ever, released last July. 

   Those who had the chance to experience one of Eilish’s concerts in the past, know it was unforgettable. So much can be packed into the two hours when all eyes meet the stage… the spotlight on Billie’s next move. Kaitlin Fernandez, a junior at Pembroke Pines Charter High School, reflects on her vivid memories of the concert she attended in 2020. “From her coming down from the ceiling, to singing on basically a floating bridge, and singing with her brother, it was such a fun time.” It’s safe to say fans can always expect something unique and jaw dropping at one of Billie’s concerts, and will always be “a great memory.” 

   In terms of Covid, the world perpetuates to stand on uncertain ground. Every time someone turns on their phone, another concert is rescheduled, a festival is canceled, or tour dates remain questionable. Even if the Happier Than Ever tour continues as planned, it is crucial to put precautions into action. Fernandez proposes that “masks will most likely be highly suggested if not required, and proof of a negative test result for non vaccinated people” will be necessary to walk through venue doors. 

   Although Billie Eilish’s tour isn’t making its way to Florida this time around, excitement prevails, and fond memories chanting favorite songs in a crowd of smiles is relived.