BRACEing for College


Photo by Natali Brito

Morgan Lind, Managing Editor

   The BRACE program at Charter has been something this year that’s helped out many seniors in their journeys of applying to colleges and learning about scholarships. It’s been a tough few years, and with the obstacles in the way of being able to in person visit and search for your own college information, the Charter BRACE program relays info of scholarships, college tours and more, helping seniors have an easier journey to college. Mrs.Fernandez, the programs coordinator here at Charter states that,  “this program is to provide information [such as] college, university, technical school, and military service”. With all of the information out there regarding college applications, scholarships, and other ways of possible financial aid, this program informs students of many opportunities. Mrs.Fernandez started a monthly bulletin of a variety of different possible scholarships available that month for students, and easy access to apply. With the scholarships info, link, and amount, students can easily be aware of what’s available and wait for the new one to come out next month. The program has been around for about 10 years for the Broward County Public School System, and the program is unique in the county. Mrs. Fernandez is known as a BRACE Advisor who “works with school counselors to help students in their preparation for life after high school”, and continues to do so, working hard to get students on the right track for college and financially supported.