4 Tips to Survive the Third Quarter


Photo by Tyler Hilliar

Alexandria Williams, Staff Writer

   Third quarter tends to be the most difficult quarter for a majority of students. Some students tend to procrastinate, and or not do the work at all. The stress can be overwhelming and some students may not be able to manage it in the right way. With that being said, here are a few tips to help you survive the third quarter.

Don’t Slack Off                                 

   In school, many students tend to not work as hard as they should be. Slacking off tends to make students fall behind in their work, which can have a bad effect on their grades. Slacking off can also hurt your mental health since you are procrastinating on your work. It could potentially cause students to experience stress and anxiety.  If you don’t slack off in this new quarter you would have better grades and have less stress than you had before, making the quarter a whole lot better for you.

Stay Organized

   Most students who aren’t organized, usually end up wasting time looking for school supplies, such as their notebook, or their folder. They tend to do last-minute work they had forgotten about. So some things you can do to stay organized this quarter is to set up a daily reminder to check if you had homework for that class. Additionally, you can also set reminders to start preparing for tests or quizzes and organize your bookbag the day before that class, so it can have the right materials needed for the next day. These steps will help you stay on the right track.

Take Notes

   When teachers teach, when you look throughout a classroom, you may see that most students do not take notes, due to the fact that they feel that it is not required of them. But the truth is that taking notes is very important. Taking notes actually helps you better understand the lesson, and you can use them later to help with an assignment, or you can study them for a test. Taking notes also helps you become more attentive, as well as helping you stay awake during class, especially in the morning.

Manage Your Stress

   During this quarter, students will begin to feel stressed by all the work they are given. So one thing students need to do is manage their stress. When you feel stressed there are many techniques you can do to calm down. For example, you can meditate, which can often distract yourself from stress. You can also communicate with your friends, as well as exercise such as going for a walk to clear your mind and say how you feel. Another way to manage your stress is creating time for yourself. When you have free time you should use it wisely, by watching a movie, or episode of your favorite show. You can also read a book you may like, or overall just do something you love that makes you feel good.

   In the end, following these tips will help you become a better student, helping you be able to pay attention more and not slack off in class. It will also help you stay better organized, as well as help you be a better test taker. Following these tips will also help you better manage your stress and anxiety, many students tend to get from school. Overall, following these 4 tips will help you go through this school year even better than before.