The Unique Characteristics of Charter Clubs


Graphic by Mariana RIano

Valerie Questell, Club Editor

   Around Pembroke Pines Charter High School, the plethora of different clubs have contributed to the holiday season, as well as contributed to the spread of unity around Charter. Best Buddies, Relay For Life, Science National Honor Society, English National Honor Society, and Mu Alpha Theta are among the many clubs that are spreading good tidings and joy.

“The fact that we get to open people’s eyes to different perspectives and allow for students and members to interact and learn is really great.” – President junior Miranda Periera

   Best Buddies is an international organization that spreads joy and unity all year round. The holidays, however, are particularly important and hold a special place in the hearts of many members of Best Buddies. The club has a holiday celebration that coordinates with the weekly Schott center visits. President senior Miranda Periera elaborated on the holiday plans and stated, “[w]e will be doing holiday themed crafts with the buddies and just spend time with them for the holidays…” It was clear that Periera felt a great deal of pride for the club as her voice reflected the excitement and enjoyment. Club member sophomore Karly Acevedo stated, “I do believe that Best Buddies has spread unity and awareness throughout Charter. The annual walk at the end of the year is really special and it really allows for everyone to interact, get to know each other, and spread awareness.”

“It allowed me to meet more people…” – Sophomore Giuliana Mudryj and Mili Ortego

   Relay for Life has a mission to put an end to cancer. Its purpose is to raise money and awareness and help patients and families deal with the stress and help with funding so they can get the treatment they require. The holidays are a particularly special time for the club. It is not only a time for giving, but it is also a time for bonding. Co-president sophomore Natalie Tsung elaborated on this by stating, “[w]e are currently making holiday cards for children at Joe Dimagio hospital to raise their spirits. It’s a great club activity and it is really rewarding to know that you give back to the community.” In terms of bonding, the club has a holiday party where members can get to know each other better. As Natalie Tsung said, “it’s a time where the members can all interact with each other and it’s really great to have a team that is so close and so involved.” 

“We have a lot of members which brings everyone together…” – Junior Luz Fontana-Mansilla

   Science National Honor Society, or SNHS, contributes to the scientific world by allowing others to learn its importance and help teach others the significance and importance of the natural world. Environmental Committee Coordinator, junior Macarena Morales stated that the club shows unity and connection through its collaboration with other clubs. “We sometimes mix with other clubs to teach our members. For example, one time we mixed with the culinary club and we taught about nutrition.” President junior Luz Fontana-Mansilla shared a statement that exemplified the inclusiveness and unity by saying, “…it is such a fun club with great members! It is an inclusive place where everyone can join.”

“I’m looking forward to pursuing the club further.” – Sophomore Kiley Irizarry

   “I would say the two biggest accomplishments of NEHS are the Kinder reading program and the debate mentorship program..” said NEHS co-president senior Samantha Lowe. Lowe elaborated on the idea of NEHS unifying Charter by explaining how inclusive the literary community is, “… the literary arts in general are pretty inclusive. In that way, we are all able to connect through literature.” NEHS member sophomore Kiley Iziarry… “reading is so fundamental, literature and English unifies all English lovers out there. I am definitely looking forward to pursuing the club further.”

“I think the bond between a student and their peer tutor is very unique and special.” – Freshman Annabelle Acevedo

   Mu Alpha Theta is a club dedicated to helping students overcome their math struggles by offering peer tutoring. The club provides a student perspective on math lessons. Club member freshman Annabelle Acevedo stated, “[i]t leads to trust and unity as we are helping each other, whether that be helping the tutor get more hours or helping a student with their math homework.” Annabelle also expanded on the overview of the club by explaining its mental health benefits. “… it helps them [students] feel more prepared for an upcoming math test/quiz that they may be extremely stressed about.”

   The multitude of different clubs around campus exemplify the superlative characteristics of each club and further prove that after school activities are just as important as the regular school day.