Marvels Very Own: The Eternals


Graphic by Colin Alfonso

Alexandria Williams, Staff Writer

   The new show all of the marvel fans have been waiting for, The Eternals. This new show is about an ancient race of superhumans that were created many centuries ago by celestials to protect earth from monsters that were to be known in the show as Deviants. And all though this seems to have nothing to do with the avengers, it is indeed in fact in the same universe as the Avengers. It is said that this new movie is one of the most diverse in terms of race, gender, orientation, and age.

   This movie just came out on November 5, and it gives you all the drama and all the sensation you need to spice up your life. At PPCHS we have many MCU fans, including Alexis Williams a tenth grader, “I am very much excited, and I hope this movie is good and has some action. A marvel movie hasn’t come out in a while so that’s exciting. and the trailer makes it look good.”Another fan is, 10th grader Samara Joseph,“I’m very excited about this new movie coming out. I have watched many of the marvel movies so I feel that it is going to have a lot of violence and action that will have a great impact on the movie”.

    The Eternals are just like the Avengers, but at the same time have a different plotline, and different events. The Avengers are usually just fighting something different every movie and usually are fighting something that is very advanced, such as the movie Age of Ultron, where Tony Stark had to fight his very own creation that had gone against him. And the one aspect you can look forward to Marvel giving is violence and action, their favorite combination. Although everyone misses the Avengers, we now have a chance to see a new version of them.

   After seeing the movie many students had different opinions about it such as, Brianna Lind, “I thought that the movie was very good in my opinion and that it was one of the better marvel movies that I have seen. To me the movie was very well directed and the cast performed very well. The plot of the movie was very interesting to me as well. I also like how this movie is going to set up stuff in the future for marvel.” This new movie may give us an insight on what marvel intends to make in the future. And although some may feel that the movie is not as great as some say, it is highly recommended that others should watch the movie. Overall,  check out this new movie, it’s full of action, adventure, and full of the supernatural.