His Name is Pete Laidley Jr. and He is Ready


Daniel Morrison, STAFF WRITER

   The score is 68-69. All he needs is a two-pointer to win the game. His teammate inbounds the ball. He grabs it. As he approaches the halfcourt line, time freezes. He eyes each of his teammates. They are heavily guarded by the opposing team, hoping to secure their victory. He knows it is just him, the basketball ball, the hoop, and his grandmother. Her encouraging words echo through his head. Just like I told you. Time resumes and he reaches the three-point line. He whizzes past his first defender and drives toward the basket. He sees another defender coming so he stops short. He raises the ball and fires. It goes in. Pete Laidley Jr .won.

   For Pete, the intensity of basketball is his favorite part of the game. He adores the fast-paced movements and ball-handling, the quick decisions, and the tight scores. His love for the game appeared when he took one firm grip of the ball in fourth grade. Basketball was his first ever sport and it will likely be his last because his primary goal is to make it pro. Currently, Pete is a senior here at Charter but his plan is to attend college next year. His new home will be in Northeastern Pennsylvania with the Keystone College Giants. After enjoying his visit to the college and watching their team play, he feels it is the perfect fit for him. 

   Pete will miss his parents and family, miss vibing out with his friends, and miss Florida’s hot weather. It is only once he is out of it will he truly appreciate the warmth. He plans to retire his parents for life by having a successful career. However, he will never forget his grandmother’s motivating advice along the way. If she says You can do it!, Pete Laidley Jr. knows he can, knows he will.