The Truth in Waiting for the Vaccine


   It was March 13, 2020 and all the students filed into the gymnasium to watch the Spring Pep Rally. Whispers were held amongst friends talking about their spring break and the extra two weeks they were all getting for something called COVID-19. It was all “he said, she said.” No one really knew the severity of it.

  But now, one year later, who hasn’t been affected by COVID-19?

  I was one of those people so excited for a long break and no more school. Now all I can wish for is getting to see my friends in the halls and dare I say it… actually do work in school.

   Nationwide lockdowns, mask mandates, fear, death, and worry for what would happen has been running through all our minds. But finally, a glimpse of hope and look into the future was opened up through vaccines. 

   The first people to receive the vaccine were healthcare personnel, residents in long-term care facilities, and those who are deemed medically vulnerable by physicians.

   My grandparents were some of the few to get the vaccine, and it felt amazing to finally hug them again after one year.

   Beginning March 3, Governor DeSantis expanded those groups eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to K-12 employees, sworn law enforcement officers 50 years of age and older, firefighters 50 years of age and older, and those from initial vaccine distribution.

   These groups are people who come face to face with the possibility and fear of exposure everyday. Now they finally have a little less to worry about with the whole pandemic and get to just focus on their jobs. I for one couldn’t agree more to choose these groups.

   More and more students are coming back to school, and teachers can’t control where these students have gone. First responders are called and don’t know who and where people have been — or what they’ve been exposed to. I think Governor DeSantis made the right choice in choosing these people for the next set of vaccines.

   Some may complain they’re tired of staying home and want to go party and go out. Live their old life.

   But their old life won’t be so simple to get back.

   I understand it’s tiring living in constant fear wondering where someone has been and who they have been around and whether they have been exposed. It’s a constant thought process that I cannot wait to let go of.

   But for now, I’m okay waiting till I’m one of the eligible groups to receive the vaccine. I know others need it more.