Quote Board: Student Responses to New Classes Offered at PPCHS


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Samantha Miragliotta, SMALL COPY EDITOR

Question: How do you feel about the new classes offered at PPCHS? Are you interested in taking them next year and do you think they are beneficial to students? Classes such as African American History Honors, Women’s Studies, and Business.   


  • “It’s wonderful to see classes teaching the history of minorities, and the school acknowledging its importance. I think the range of classes we’re getting right now is really important to also helping students find what they want to do later in their lives because personally, I know it’s really unnerving not to. More classes gives more opportunities to find out what you’re really passionate about, even if it’s by accident, and honestly I think that us moving forward is something really special.”  -Freshman Liana Samuel 


  • “I absolutely am thrilled with these new classes! I feel like they are really important to learn and are an awesome opportunity, especially the business class that will be offered with Mrs. Ferrer. All of the news class options sound really interesting and I am considering taking women’s studies next year actually.” -Sophomore Amanda Pagan


  • “I think they’re going to be a good addition. Personally, I am not interested in taking any of the courses but I think that for people that are interested in them it will be a good way for them to learn more about it.” -Sophomore Samantha Bogle


  • “I think it’s so important for our students to take classes like African American History, Women’s Studies, and Business. Oftentimes I hear my peers asking why the education system doesn’t teach them how to do things they’re going to need in the future like how to do taxes and how to handle money. By offering this new business class, it allows students to take a step in the right direction and learn how to own a business which is a goal for many students around me. Women aren’t spoken about enough in American history and Women’s Studies will allow people to learn about influential women which is super important. I also think it was a really good idea to make African American History an honors course.” -Junior Miranda Pereira


  • “I would be interested in taking the Women’s Studies class because my sister is taking it at Auburn University and loves it. I think it will be a great addition to our class options. I also think the business class will be very helpful for students in the long run and will benefit us greatly.” -Junior Lily McCormick


  • “I believe that these classes are a wonderful opportunity for students to learn things that they are passionate and interested in. I think it is very important for students to enjoy the classes that they take. Although I won’t be able to experience them myself I think that students next year will love them!” -Senior Mackenzie Ahearn


  • “I think offering these new classes is a very good idea. As everyone knows PPCHS is a college preparatory school, so adding these classes add diversity to all of the academic rigorous classes. I also think the specific topics of these classes are very important for students to learn about. The classes also seem very interesting and I would love to take them next year!”– Freshman Amogh Baranwal 


  • “I find it nice that these new classes are being offered. I think there is a great opportunity for many students interested in learning these subjects. For example, I think the business class is a great way students can start being more knowledgeable about this topic. Overall, I think it is nice that the school wants to expand and offer these classes!”– Sophomore Angelina Godinez 


  • The new classes at PPCHS are very interesting and can help students to become more aware of global issues and real world situations that we will come to face as adults. Most of these classes are beneficial to students because they provide them with the opportunity to take classes that aren’t college prep but are inclusive and are relevant to different communities. It’s important that students learn about different cultures so they can be more versatile when thinking about change and the world. I believe these courses will help students mature and be more active in our school community.”-Junior Stella Dioguardi


  • “The new classes are pretty cool to be honest! I am actually putting women’s studies on my list of classes I’d want to take in the text for three years, because it’s a class I would definitely find cool to take. The classes are definitely beneficial because they’ll provide an in depth study on more recent events in history that have been greatly influential on how we live today and can provide a wider range of classes for students who will later on go to pursue different majors.”-Carolina Arguelles


  • “As a student of Charter, I feel pleasantly surprised to see an abundance of new courses to entertain for my course card. Personally, the new business classes got me very intrigued given how beneficial they are to one’s future, no matter which direction I plan to take in college. Unfortunately, given the limited/loaded load I have in my course card already I am not able to put myself down to participate in any of these classes. However, if I could I would totally go all in for the business classes since the business realm has always interested me.”-Gabriella Carvajal


  • “If I wasn’t a senior I’d be super excited to take those classes. I think they could be very beneficial to students because they relate to our society right now and what’s going on in it.”-Senior Fallon Katz 
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