The Presidential Debate


Graphic by: Bryan Lara

Morgan Lind, Features Editor

   “The presidential debate I believe really showed the truth behind America. The debate was honestly disrespectful, unorganized and completely shocking to all viewers. The complete disrespect towards the moderator was shocking, Trump’s disrespect towards Biden’s children and the completely off topic answers from the Republican side of the debate really showed where the world really stood. At this time, racial injustices and a virus that has turned the world upside down strike America. And the two men who voters have to choose between both show extreme weaknesses. America has been divided for years and especially considering it is a “country” built on stolen land, this chaotic debate I believe truly showed what America really is.” – Chrysteannah Williams, senior


“It was definitely a mess and a little difficult to watch too. I believe that a lot more could have been accomplished by the debate” -Arvin Saji, senior


“Ultimately I, as an American citizen, feel disappointed in the way our president handled this first debate. Both candidates behaved like children, insulting each other and calling each other “clowns,” but the language and insinuations of President Trump throughout the entirety of the debate had the entire nation sick to its stomach. The most worthwhile principle to be learned from this debate is how important it is to use our voices to influence politics in this country by signing petitions, contacting our local representatives, and most importantly, by getting to the polls no matter what, and voting.” –Miranda Pereira, junior 


“I believe that the presidential debate was very immature. They shouldn’t be more open to letting the other talk as well as being respectful to each other.” 

-Hansini Koppolu, junior


“It was hard to watch as they were just both yelling at each other, and it was very unprofessional” – Jeylah Valdes, sophomore


“I thought that the presidential debate had a lot of back and forth between the candidates instead of answering questions that the public would have appreciated hearing. In my opinion it wasn’t that productive.”  –Jessica McIntosh, sophomore 


“So to say the 2020 presidential debate was interesting is a complete understatement. As I was watching it felt very chaotic from both parties. From avoiding questions to making personal attacks it didn’t feel like a debate, nonetheless the debate of our future leaders. Students from our school during debates or seminars are more civilized and mature than what I saw on the news that night. Not only was it embarrassing as a nation but it made me scared of how our country will move forward especially during such a time of chaos in many aspects of life. Neither president trump or Vice President Biden abided by the rules that their administrations both agreed too nor did they respect the moderator. Even though there was quarrel coming from both parties, President Trump kept on interrupting VP Biden and even condemned white supremacy in such a time of social reform. To me, even though this ‘debate’ wasn’t like the traditional debates we are used to, if I was of legal age to vote my vote would have been and is clear.” -Amogh Baranwhal, freshman


“Personally i feel like Donald Trump and Pence are just displaying  how childish they are and exactly why they don’t need the position of president and vice president.  From their actions to the words coming out their mouth things should’ve been different.” -Natalia Nuñez, freshman