Are the Right People Being Funded?

Sabrina Cruz, STAFF WRITER

  An app called musically has resurfaced and been renamed to TikTok. The game was changed. Many influencers began by making videos and going viral. They continued to post and eventually blew up. TikTok was made to be a place to share creative content or even videos like lip-synching to favored songs. It was all fun and games until the Tiktok creator fund was released. 


   Many were not very happy about this as the creator needs a tolerated amount of “fame” (10,000 followers)  to qualify to receive funds. You also have to be 18 years or older. What made more people upset was those big influencers like David Dobrik and Brittany Broski were eligible to apply despite the fact that they can make money from advertisements and business deals. Small creators were complaining they do not make enough money or “only get paid a few dollars a day even when their videos are making up tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of views.” (WIRED) They view it as unfair.  


  Some argue the creator fund could have been more of an opportunity for younger generations, and smaller TikTok accounts. Junior Mia Rossello states, “The creator fund lacked many qualities, it was very unorganized and gave very little and too much to big content makers. They already made enough money, they are just joining for their satisfaction.” TikTok could have avoided this issue if they took the time to sort things out the proper way and used a better approach. They could have made their qualifications a bit more reasonable.

   Tiktok has not been clear as to how they are making payouts. The TikTok creator fund is supposed a way for creators to collect money for their content. It was released in June but just after one month, there was some trouble. “The creators were quite happy as they thought that it was some kind of a grant program. Turns out many creators are unhappy with the insufficient amount they are making on their videos. Some creators have reported to Business Insider that they are making only a few cents over 1000 views on their videos.” (DIW) Small TikTok accounts should receive funds necessary to further their careers. Funds that bigger creators have access to.


   Since joining the creator fund a decrease in viewers has been discerned. Senior Brenden Richardson states his opinion, “the creator fund is cool and all but it has been perceived as very unfair, as it was supposed to be an opportunity, not a competition of who can get more views.” Small creators deserve better. For example, there are so many talented people and creators out there who deserve more “hype” but do not get the same amount of viewers because people would rather watch dance videos and nodding heads than artists.


  The creator fund could’ve done so much more for smaller accounts. They have a harder time gaining popularity because they are not as “known” and do not get the same amount of viewers and or opportunities.