Fostering A Missing Dog

Trisha Villanueva, SOCIAL MEDIA EDITOR

   “Frosty was the name we thought of giving the dog, but turns out he already has a different name,” said Arin Sareddy, a sophomore. He had a pleasant surprise on September 3rd after school: he and his family welcomed a dog into their home. They first thought they would be living with Frosty for a month, but that initial idea was short-lived. In 19 hours, the owner came and reunited with his lost dog. 

   They applied to foster a dog from Good Karma Pet Rescue. Fostering is a better option for the Sareddy family because they have a busy schedule. A worker conducted an interview virtually on FaceTime, to see if they’re a suitable match to Frosty. He was brought over to Arin’s home on Thursday afternoon, along with supplies: food, a leash, a cage, and medicine.

   It took a while for Arin to warm up to Frosty; similar to Lady and the Tramp, Lady took awhile to warm up to the baby. In this case, the roles are reversed. Having had little experience in taking care of a dog, he didn’t realize how much work is put into owning a dog. They got rid of carpets, so [Frosty] wouldn’t pee on them.

   His daily routine changed: he had to walk him, feed him, and even woke up to crying. He stated, “I woke up at 4 am to the sound of crying and whining; even my sister stayed up all night.” He wasn’t able to go back to sleep, as he’s the type of person to be up as soon as he wakes up. 

   A few hours after 4 a.m., they found out that Frosty is a missing dog and his owner is looking for him. They contacted the owner, who came by and reunited with his dog: “Frosty looked delighted to be reunited with his owner.” They were sad to let him go but knew it is the right decision.