Mural of Equality

Photo by: Kyle Holbrook

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   Black Lives Matter is a movement that fights against police brutality and the systematic racism Black people have to endure in the United States. People from all over the globe have joined this mission and have shown their support to this significant movement through protesting on the streets or through signing petitions. However, some people use art to express their support for this movement and as an outlet to really show how they feel with the events occurring in the world. 

   In one of the major cities in Florida, an artist took it upon himself to show his support of the Black Lives Matter movement. His mural in Miami celebrates Colin Kaepernick, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. This artist, Kyle Holbrook, wanted to express how the lives of people of color are treated differently in the United States. 

I believe that the artists’ choice of expressing their support through their artwork is very intelligent. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and artwork can express deeper meaning than simply stating your side. The beauty of artwork can bring together communities, instead of tearing them apart, because it is difficult for one to not appreciate art.

— Sumedh Edavalluri, Class of 2023

  He has personally experienced police brutality, and he wants to communicate with the local people how we all need to be in this together and it is everybody’s problem, not only just for Black lives. 

  This painted memorial is meant to denounce police brutality and to honor the latest victims. Additionally, Kyle Holbrook wanted to shine light on NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick who attempted to convey this problem back in 2016. This player took a knee during the national anthem and because of this protest, he no longer plays in the NFL. 

   The mural, along with other artwork as well, can positively impact the community and unite them as a whole. This art can make people open their eyes to the racism Black people face in this country. With the community being exposed to these issues, they will unite together and face them head on. Artwork can simply express a deeper meaning and send a compelling message to everybody. 

   One senior, Matthew Gordon, expresses how he’s seen artwork of BLM and how it’s affected him, “I actually went down to Wynwood and saw it for myself. I saw so many paintings on the walls that just reminded me of why as a collective group, more than just black people, are fighting for something together.” 

  These pieces of artwork not only support the movement but express peace and love within each other. We need to fight for this change together and only together can we achieve equality for Black lives.