Charter Class of 2020 Roars Goodbye

  The class of 2020 certainly didn’t expect this ending: say goodbye to graduation, prom, grad bash, Mr. Jag, senior signing day and more. Although this isn’t what Jags expected to see at the finish line, PPCHS seniors are inevitably making history as the “Jaguar” clock ticks closer and closer to the end at Charter High. 

  The last day for seniors wasn’t precisely the last day they anticipated, and has left a remarkable amount of students reminiscing on memories they miss and wish could keep growing with the time that was unfortunately cut short for them at Charter. For senior Reyna Wakeland, she “always knew that the end of senior year – mainly leaving [her] friends – was going to be tough. [She] just never knew that it would end so abruptly.” From cracking jokes with her friends that made class-time experience that much better to the time she spent on the soccer team diligently for 4 years, Wakeland is surely holding onto a bundle of experiences and recollections of precious moments as she undertakes the city that never sleeps: New York. “I’m so excited for my future life, both on and off campus, right at NYU!” she expressed. “I’ve always known that I wanted to live life in the city, so it’s really a dream to be able to go to one of my top college choices with such amazing programs provided at my feet” Wakeland confessed. Although the current circumstances are undefined, seniors at Charter have undoubtedly found the good to look forward to.

  The years at Charter High have evidently been an unforgettable ride for countless Jags, and for senior Sonali Benni, it’s no different. On reflection of her time spent, “My 4 years in high school have been unique. I learned so much about myself and grew as a person. I’m a little disappointed that high school is ending – considering it went by so fast – and I’m definitely going to miss my friends and creating memories.” Although senior year was nothing like Benni thought it would be (in hopes of a more fulfilling goodbye), she knows that “no matter where [she] ends up that [she] will always have these amazing memories to look back at.” Despite seniors’ time cut unexpectedly, they know their resilient journey that started right in the halls of Charter High will only act as a stepping stone continuing forth in pursuing their careers. 

  While innumerable believe this may be the ending of seniors’ standard high school experience, it is rather the start to a successful beginning of ultimately changing the world for the better and being able to share that experience with everyone around them as well. As stated in the wise words of Troy Bolton, “Once a jaguar, always a jaguar.”