Mr. Bayer’s New Graduation Ceremony For The Class of 2020

Rebecca Lim, Staff Writer

Unsurprisingly, almost every aspect of the class of 2020’s final months as seniors has changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. One of the most important events for the seniors, graduation, was canceled. Under normal circumstances, the event would’ve taken place at Pembroke Pines’s City Center. Students would’ve been able to cross the stage, surrounded by friends and family celebrating all of their hard work and accomplishments for the past 12 years. 

  Knowing the importance of crossing the stage, PPCHS’s dedicated principal Mr. Bayer came up with an alternative graduation plan that follows all necessary safety precautions. It consists of seniors picking up their cap and gown and then coming to campus at an assigned day and time to walk across the River of Grass’ stage. He expresses, “There is something very important about ‘walking across that stage’ for graduates. Of course it is symbolic, but it is also a very concrete right of passage… I did not want our seniors to miss out on that particular act—and I wanted to find a way for their friends and families to be a part of it.” Despite the obvious limitations, Mr. Bayer is making sure the class of 2020 is celebrated and congratulated. 

  Principal Bayer knows and shares the feelings of disappointment and sadness over what has happened, but hopes that the graduation ceremony will surpass everyone’s expectations. He states, “I think the bar is pretty low right now because the traditional ceremony is not going to happen. Maybe that will help in the end as people watch it from home and feel like, ‘well that wasn’t terrible.’ We’ll see!” Hopefully, the ceremony will do justice for the amazing class of 2020.        

  To the seniors, the graduating class of 2020, Mr. Bayer would say, “Other than I am so sorry that this had to happen to perhaps the best class PPCHS has ever seen… To a group of students I have been closer to than any other class in a long time? Well, you will just have to wait for my graduation speech on that one.”