Friday Fun UPDATE

Samantha Miragliotta, Social Media Assistant


There are “Mindful Mondays” as well as on Fridays. Canvas has attached a new “Happy Friday” activity every week. This week the guidance counselors of PPCHS have made a positive and quite optimistic activity for students to join in hopes of them coping with the pandemic and the current state of lockdown we must abide by. There are multiple activities such as brain exercises, educational videos, positive messages, and ways for students to share their thoughts about how they feel during the coronavirus. 

Activity Number 4 includes 2 exercises: 

  1. Exercise 1 – Students are to watch the video, “One Love”

      2. Exercise 2 – Create a Video

Students are encouraged to find or create a video with an

inspirational/uplifting song that spreads positive, “good” feelings and

share with their teacher.