Keeping Things Interesting At Home: Themed Family Dinner Nights

Rebecca Lim, Staff Writer

 As stay-at-home orders stretch on, boredom takes over households. However, people are now getting the opportunity to spend more quality time with their family members. Sophomore Molly Masson’s family decided to take advantage of this opportunity by doing something interesting she saw on TikTok; themed dinner nights. 

  Every night, for a week, her family members would dress up and do activities pertaining to the theme of the dinner that night. Molly explains, “Each night it became something to look forward to and getting dressed for the theme was fun. Dinner would always relate to the theme and some nights we would play specific games or watch a movie related.” The theme each night was different, keeping dinner fun and exciting. 

  The best part of the themed dinners, for Molly, was that it brought her family closer together. She expresses, “It’s helped bring my family closer together and that’s something I’m grateful for. Our friends and family in different states also participated with us which was nice to see, especially since we were all having fun because of my idea.” Molly and her loved ones are able to put their own spin on an idea, and it ended up being a great experience for everyone.

  Molly says that she recommends the idea of having themed family dinners to other families, as it’s helped bring hers closer together. It’s also a great way to keep things interesting while stuck in quarantine. Themed dinners nights are sure to keep all family members entertained, no matter what age. 

  • Contributions also made by: Molly Masson (YB)