To Sleep or to Work?


Nicole Llanes, Social Media Manager

      With school moving online and students being stuck home, it’s difficult to find the motivation to really do anything, let alone school work. However, for Junior Celeste Salgado she’s found a few ways to keep busy and even some tips. To her, “motivation is something that gives you the urge to want to do something no matter what obstacles get in the way”. She believes students are staying motivated at home because their grades depend on it. She explained, “Everyone still cares about their grades and even if they don’t want to work at home they still have to because school is still going on.”  However, she has realized the obstacles and differences between working at home and school. Celeste stated, “Yes it’s much more difficult to stay motivated at home rather than a school because in a school environment you’re used to being motivated to complete work due to administration. At home, students just want to sleep and do things that aren’t school-related.” Although, she’s personally found ways to stay motivated and even has tips. What motivates her to finish her work is the relief that comes after when there’s no more to do. She can lie back, relax, and be stress-free. Most importantly, for everyone else, she recommends working with friends and becoming more interactive. By working alone, work tends to become boring, procrastinated, and not students’ best work. She believes working with friends will get the job done quicker and even better. Celeste has had some difficulties with moving online, but she continues to stay motivated throughout her work with some helpful tips and guides.

  • Contributions also made by: Kalie Acevedo (YB)