Danielle’s Drive to Read


Michael Muela, Sports Editor

   This quarantine has provided Danielle Porres, a senior at PPCHS, with a unique opportunity that most other students would take for granted. What might that opportunity be? The opportunity is, in fact, reading. 

   Reading is a way that Danielle finds comfort in books. “Reading is kind of like an escape from reality. It transports you to another world and you just momentarily forget about the present, which is what I enjoy most about it.” She likes reading during the quarantine because it stimulates her brain and keeps it active. She claims that it’s also a great hobby to pick up. “Lately I’ve been reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I finished Holding up the Universe a while ago and I’d totally recommend it.” Danielle reads about one to two hours every day. For those of you students who don’t read, she suggests finding a genre or book that you’re interested in and best suits you. “Once you find that one story, you’ll become completely immersed.” 

   Other than reading books, Danielle spends her time discovering and watching new TV shows. Reading has helped Danielle keep calm and carry on through this whole pandemic. She believes that this whole thing will be over soon. 

  • Contributions also made by: Celeste Salgado (YB)