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Sweet Treats by Julie

Emily Roman: The role that changed her life

Donated by Emily Roman

In August of 2018, my life was changed for the better. I became an aunt for the first time. Little did I know that every year since I would get a new niece or nephew. 

Being significantly younger than my four older siblings meant I would always be the baby. That is until they had kids of their own. And I am so glad they did.

Being an aunt means having patience, care, adaptability, and love. Every year my heart gets filled with love as one of my siblings brings a new baby into this world. I’ve learned responsibility, being left in charge of watching newborns since I was 10. It’s exciting, exhausting, and emotional. Every day, I look forward to getting a call from my niece and nephew in Texas or coming home to one of the ones living here in Florida.

Being an aunt means you get to cry the moment you hold them for the first time. You know you’re an aunt again, it’s real, it’s emotional. It’s the best feeling you can get.

Being an aunt means you get all the fun of spoiling them, taking them out, and getting all the affection from them. You get to give them sweets and annoying toys without the consequences. 

Being an aunt means you get to watch the kids that made you an aunt relive your childhood. They watch your favorite childhood movies, wear your old clothes, and play with the toys of your youth.

Being an aunt means you get the privilege of helping raise the next generation. The next generation of leaders, hard workers, and scholars. You get to teach them the same things you learned at their age and correct the things they say.

Being an aunt means you get to gossip with a bunch of kids who probably don’t understand what you’re saying but are definitely interested. Their big reactions make it worth all the effort, whether they get it or not.

Being an aunt means you have people to defend and support you. They can’t say much, but their attitudes speak more than enough. The best feeling comes not from your parents cheering you on, but from your nieces and nephews clapping and screaming your name the moment you step on stage to perform. 

Being an aunt means you get to feel useful. They’ll cry in your arms and you get to watch as they seek comfort in you. They look for you for help reaching something too high for their little bodies to reach or open things their tiny hands can’t. 

Being an aunt means you get to learn the responsibilities of a parent early on. It’s almost like a free trial as a parent. You get to feed them, send them off to school, bathe them, and play. It’s the biggest blessing I could have ever received. 

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