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A gold end to the year: Class of 2024’s top 5%

Gary Smith

Charter’s top 5% have been officially recognized for the hard work and dedication they have demonstrated throughout their four years at PPCHS. As they prepare for their next stage in life at college, they share their experiences as students who have successfully become Class of 2024’s Sum Cum Laude! 

“I’m very proud of my achievements! I know that I worked hard for the past four years—by taking extra dual enrollment classes, AP/AICE courses, and even being involved in my community, I’m glad that what I’ve done is being recognized! My number one tip is to always take initiative and to not doubt yourself. It’s also super important to take advantage of all opportunities given to you; everything is a learning experience and ways for you to grow!”- Gabriella Tolentino 

“I can honestly say I’m proud of my high school achievements, from all the volunteering I did, the clubs I ran and helped run, and being in the top 5%. It’s extremely bittersweet because I’ve worked harder than I ever have for the last four years to get to where I am now: top 5% and going to one of the best universities in Florida. Also, sleep! I can guarantee you, it will be so much harder mentally to keep up the grades and extracurriculars without proper sleep.  Work at your own schedule. If you work better at night, do that. If you work better under pressure, wait until the last minute! ” – Milagros Ortega 

“I’m incredibly proud of what I’ve accomplished in high school. Even though there were times when I thought my efforts weren’t worth it, seeing the results of my dedication and hard work was rewarding. My advice for underclassmen would be to stay organized and have good time management. Procrastination was definitely a problem for me, but I’ve since discovered that planning your work in advance really helps” – Hana Bushra 

“Being top 5% is definitely a nice accomplishment but it’s not the end goal. I hope to achieve more in the future and to stay consistent. To be successful in anything you will have to work hard consistently not when you feel like it. Spending your time in areas that are the highest priority will help you excel academically and elsewhere. My most memorable moments were in class joking around with friends. It was really the simple moments that I will miss the most and that everyone should cherish while they still can.” – Hassan Maroof 

“It’s a big honor to be among the top 5% with some of the best students in the country. I would stress paying attention in class more than anything honestly, make sure you are taking rigorous classes, grind APs and Aice classes and take dual enrollment. That is the biggest tip. Also make friends with smart kids who will push you and help you study in order to succeed.. Whilst I was signing yearbooks I realized all the things I wanted to write about were silly things/ moments with each other, in and outside the classroom. That’s what defines high school in my opinion.” – Zakariaou Ibrahimou 

“I feel pretty great! High school was filled with so many sleepless nights and study sessions at Paris Morning, so knowing that my work, as well as the work of a lot of my peers, are recognized feels pretty great. My biggest piece of advice would definitely be to manage your time wisely. It’s also important to know that everybody learns differently, and what helps other people study might not help you at all. From high fiving Mr. Bayer every day, to extremely long study sessions with my friends at Paris Morning, to chatting with friends at lunch in the 100 degree Florida weather, Charter has fostered such a positive environment for me, and I definitely attribute most of the success I have to it.” – Iris Lee

“I am super happy to be a part of the top 5%. These past 4 years have been a roller coaster of emotions, and I am proud to have made it out successfully. I’m also honored to be with such an amazing group of talented students. I would reassure underclassmen that nothing in high school is ever going to cause the end of the world. Not getting straight A’s or not achieving certain things is not an accurate indication of your intellect. But don’t just trust me, trust the institutions you’ll encounter in the future. The best strategy I recommend for excelling in high school is staying organized. When you space out your time, you can see when you’re free to do fun things as well, like hanging with friends. ” – Gavin Poore

“Honestly I’m very proud of myself for getting to the top 5%! Pushing through high school consistently is hard enough as it is, so truly the entire class deserves recognition. It’s been a goal of mine to reach Summa Cum Laude in such a fierce and overall super successful class, so seeing my name and picture in the Top 5% poster in the office is fulfilling! I would say to keep pushing through, no matter how hard it gets. Always take breaks, remember that your health, both physical and mental, matters more than a number assigned to you. ⁠” – Rebekah Barrera

“Throughout high school, I’ve learned how to push myself to strive to achieve many things and I am so grateful for them. High school is a competitive place, but being part of the top 5% shows how hard work and determination can let you succeed. Some advice I would give the underclassmen is to be organized and never give up and to go big or go home cause there’s never any harm in trying to achieve big things. A memorable experience that shaped my high school experience was  having to collectively experience online learning and zoom together. It truly not only united the class, but also began to teach us self motivation to succeed on our own merit.” – Valerie Glen  

Kisha Williams / Elite Realty
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