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A Teen’s Guide to a New Years Resolution

Juliette Montes

“This year was the worst,” I silently reflect as I spend my last moments of 2023. Every moment has led to this single date. The fun, the laughter, even the regrets. I set so many resolutions in mind to keep track of and they got swept under the rug within a week. But as I reminisce, I remember this happens every year. I always hit it off strong, then I start to slip, and then we’re back at 1st base. “Why does this happen?” I ponder. “Why can’t I stick to my goals?” As the time starts ticking towards the new year I slowly realize why it is that this happens.


I set way too many goals! I tend to expect a lot from myself, especially as an honors student. I like having a lot of responsibilities, but having to juggle it all is quite a hassle. The same goes for resolutions. If you set too many expectations for yourself, you will possibly become overwhelmed and give up.


The goals I set are way too out of reach! New year’s resolutions tend to be the typical, “I’m going to get good grades this year!” or “I’m going to finally get a job.” Sometimes, however,  people tend to set goals like, “I’m going to go to every single concert that comes to town!” And while this is a very fun goal, it is quite hard to balance money for that and everything else. I’m not saying that it’s impossible, but I will say that as a student, I probably will not be able to afford tickets to every single concert that comes to Florida.


I make my goals way too vague! In my opinion, the more broad a topic is, the more I will overthink it. I feel that if you make your goals very specific, you can follow through with them because your goal is the exact thing you want to accomplish.


I don’t have a plan! When architects are planning out structures, they always have a blueprint. Our goals go the same way! Use a journal or your notes app to map out how you want to achieve your goals.


I feel unmotivated! This is my biggest issue with my resolutions! Eventually, I always feel a shift in my mindset that will make me want to stop working and relax. Relaxing is never a bad thing, but can oftentimes stop you from your dreams. My way to combat this is giving myself incentives to complete steps to reach my goals. For example, if my goal is to run 60 miles in 1 month, I will run about 2 miles a day and at the end of each week I will reward myself with a sweet treat.


I don’t have enough time to complete my goals! Remember, goals don’t only last a year. You can work on your resolution for years and years and eventually get to where you want to be! But keep in mind that you have to stay consistent and make sure you set daily reminders of your goal so you can complete it in a timely manner.


I feel like I’m all alone. Everyone feels alone sometimes. It’s a common feeling that we can’t escape, especially around the new year. But remember to keep your friends and family close. They will be the ones to keep you accountable for your goals and help you along the way. Some will even share common goals with you and you can complete them together. Never hold back from reaching out to someone you trust and telling them about your goals!




Happy New Year!

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Juliette Montes
Juliette Montes, Photo Staff
Hi! My name is Juliette Montes, I'm currently a senior, and this is my first year in the CHAT. I will be a Photographer/ Broadcasting Member in the CHAT. I love art (photography/cinematography/painting). In my free time I like to read, travel, and hang out with my friends and family. I’m beyond looking forward to becoming a reliable asset to the team, and creating an immersive CHAT for everyone to enjoy:) If you ever need to contact me, reach me at [email protected].

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