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Coping through music: Class of 2024’s top songs that got them through high school 

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Among the millions of different songs that are released into the world, people will always have that one song that stayed with them throughout their whole life. As Charter’s class of 2024 graduates, many of them reminisce on what got them through one of the most important four years of their teenage life. Fiorella Kaiserman states, “There is no right song to push us through high school; we just have to find that ourselves.” Along with Kaiserman, many more seniors at Charter want to share what stuck alongside them while they went through this journey that has finally come to an end.


“The way life goes” – Lil Uzi Vert: Fiorella Kaiserman

“Whenever I’m going through something, I listen to it [the song] and it helps me remember [that] everything passes,” Kaiserman notes. As a fan of Lil Uzi Vert since 2016, Kaiserman began to resonate with him ever since she discovered him. She found the song through her friend in 6th grade and still recalls her favorite lyrics to this day. “My favorite part has always been the chorus. The repetition of ‘You’ll get over it,’ or ‘I know it hurts sometimes,’ really stuck with me. It’s because it’s true. It will take some time but you can get over things,” she says. 


“El Glorioso Dim” – Gabriel Romero: Ryan Romero

Ryan Romero has always had a special place in his heart for music, especially as a kid, growing up and listening to Hispanic music. Throughout his high school career, his love for music wasn’t anything nobody couldn’t notice. Some days, Romero would joyfully enter school with a speaker, blasting music that was most admired by other students. On other days, he would curate mixes professionally, DJ-ing at venues as a part-time job. Outside of any authoritative bounds, Romero would drive to his friend’s house playing “El Glorioso Dim” as loud as possible. “It’s based off of my favorite soccer team [Independiente Medellín] in Colombia. It’s like my anthem,” he states. Growing up, Romero would watch all of Independiente Medellín’s matches with his grandfather. “My grandfather and I would always sing it. It’s a song that always makes me remember him,” he sentimentally says. 


“Stayin Alive” – Bee Gees: Ashlyn Matthew

“I lose a lot of energy by the end of the day, but this song picks it back up,” Ashlyn Mathew states. Matthew did dance until her junior year. Through dance, the song grew in meaning, empowering her throughout her afternoons. “I literally think of the choreography in my mind whenever I listen to it,” Mathew says. According to her, she can visualize a surplus of images when she listens to music. “Unlike most who listen to the melody, I tend to listen to the bass, and from there, I can get a sort of color or vibe from the song,” Mathew claims. The senior has a vastly creative mind and utilizes it in her creative writing class and, sometimes, through acting. Above all, Mathew says, “Music is a form of self-expression. It’s therapeutic, it’s thrilling, it’s a great way to become a whole different character.”


“Loose” – Daniel Caesar: Gavin Poore 

His angelic voice and unique use of instruments are what attracts all of Caesar’s fans; including Poore. “Loose,” in particular, has allowed Poore to reflect on himself and his life. “This song helped me to cut out toxic people in my life,” Poore says. Although losing people is not ideal, Caesar’s song has motivated Poore to be happier. Poore reveals, “My favorite lyric has to be: ‘You gotta cut that girl loose.’” Each time that this lyric is played, it has allowed Poore to acknowledge that growth is important and not every relationship has to be perfect. Since knowing the song, Poore has associated Caesar with some of his high school experiences with one being his late-night car rides with his friends. Poore remarks, “While the song is seemingly sad, it is almost comforting in the message it sends.”


“Vienna” – Billy Joel: Julia Lobodzinski 

Although her current favorite artist is Drake, the song “Vienna” is what shows Lobodzinski’s high school journey. The meaning of the song is to “enjoy the moment” which has allowed Lobodzinski to try new things and to be patient with herself. “I remember this song popping up on study playlists during exam season,” Lobodzinski reminisces. During her time at Charter, Lobodzinski has always strived to do good and to be perfect. From being in rigorous classes and doing extracurriculars, “This song helped to ease the stress,” she states. “Vienna” expresses how age should not stop anyone, so Lobodzinski has used that as a reminder to not always put so much pressure on herself. Her favorite lyric: “dream on, but don’t imagine they’ll all come true” has shown Lobodzinski that “while having goals and dreams is important, it’s okay if things don’t end up exactly the way you wanted.”


Although senior year is already full of a lot of smiles, the sound of hearing that song brings in another wave of memories that will forever be cherished and appreciated.

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