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What does your jersey number mean to you?

The main reason that all athletes have a jersey number is for spectators to identify them on the field. It makes the game exciting for fans to watch, as they can support their favorite players while wearing their jerseys. However, an athlete’s number has much more sentimental value than it may seem. Many students at PPCHS play on a sports team for the school, and they share the meaning behind their jersey numbers.

For some students, their jersey numbers represent not only their identity on the field, but also their dedication and pride for representing their school. Jersey numbers often hold personal significance and serve as a reminder of the hard work and passion they put into their sport. For many, it may represent something significant to them like birthdays. Here is what students have to say about their jersey numbers and their significance to these students: 

“I just picked 17 because it’s the most syllables and would take the longest for the other team to make a call out.” He later goes on to say,  “Well my grandpa gave me a deck of cards before he died and it was missing 17 cards, so I chose 17 as my number” –Joseph Koch, Sophomore (Water Polo)

“There’s a senior (Natalia Klatt) that I’m super close to on the team and she wants me to take her number [2] when she goes to college. She’s also rooming with my sister” –Reagan Koch, Freshman (Water Polo)

“My jersey number is my birthday. It’s my birthday date (19) and it’s kind of my lucky number and it’s something that makes me feel confident because it’s like my number you know like it kind of belongs to me.” –Lola Martinez, Sophomore (Soccer)

“My number for our high school team is 1 and I chose it because it’s been my number since I was like 9 years old and it feels like it’s  a part of me like it’s part of my identity.” –Madison Casanova, Sophomore (Soccer)

“My jersey number means so much to me. I have [had] number 0 my whole high school career and I love that it’s unique. Thinking back to when I had to choose a number, I just picked the first thing that popped into my head. I am so happy that I stuck with that number because it reminds me of how much I’ve grown over the past years, in general, and as a player.”  –Riley Ahearn, Senior (Soccer)

“I really like how 17 looks as a number. something about it makes me feel strong. but to be honest, i wanted 19 because that’s my birthday and i feel really connected to that number. it feels special and it’s like it’s my day.” –Kameron Dacosta, Sophomore (Flag football)

“It’s a label that symbolizes a bond or brotherhood.” –Noah Escobar, Junior (Football)

Every athlete’s number holds so much more importance than what it may seem. All athletes have different motives for their choice of number, whether it was deeply considered, or if it was a simple choice. At Charter, all athletes hold a legacy, and through their jersey number it can be known.

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