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Charter’s opinions on the best booths at Fall Festival

As the fall spirit circulated throughout Charter at the Fall Festival, the class of 2024 welcomed clubs right onto the football field for families to enjoy fall activities. With clubs like Book Club, SGA, and Relay for Life having booths of their own, various activities were there for everybody to enjoy no matter what their heart desired or interests aligned with. Taking a look at all the booths, there were some that were a sight to visit!

National Art Honor Society

 Members of the National Art Honor Society got a chance to show off their artistic creativity and talents in an enjoyable way. The sound of chattering filled the air as participants waited in line thinking about what design they wanted on their bodies. Many partakers decided to go for inspired looks from shows like Euphoria, where face gems are seen regularly throughout the show, or a more original look with just glitter on the face, or instead, opted for non permanent body ink of a design of their choosing. Historian Leanne Sorensen comments on her time at the booth saying, “Fall Festival was so much fun! It was really awesome seeing club members and other people stop by our booth. We even got some teachers to stop by. It was a lot of fun for all of us.”

Cross Country Club

As one of the more sporty clubs, Cross Country gave out enjoyable treats that one wouldn’t expect to be given from such an athletic club. Cross Country was able to raise a lot of money to help fund the invitational races that they have throughout the year.  Lindsey Smith, a member of the club, gives thanks to everybody who showed up to the booth and explains, “We [the club] don’t have a lot of money to do races, so it is hard to be able to do a lot of events. However, we got a front table at the festival, so it was nice that everybody was coming up to us.” Being one of the first few tables near the entrance of the festival, Cross Country sold different types of popcorn for everyone to relish as they walked around the field looking at the other various booths.

Book Club

For all the book lovers out there, Book Club’s very own booth was a must-see. In this enticing booth, a chance to play and answer trivia questions about popular series like Harry Potter and Twilight was all that was needed to spark an interest in many. To top it all off, the use of fairy lights and aesthetically pleasing decorations added to the attraction of the booth. Treasurer of Book Club Nonyelum Osakwe expresses her gratitude by stating, “It was very rewarding to see everyone at our booth, after all the planning, hard work, and collaboration. It was great to see so many people supporting the book club and enjoying the final product.”

As unique as every booth was, PPCHS students who attended the Fall Festival had their own opinions on what were the best booths:

“My favorite booth was the mini basketball booth because it was the class of 2027 booth and since I’m an officer, I really enjoyed making money. We also got to play with a bunch of little kids and we got to meet a bunch of teachers and new people.” – Sanjana Balla, Freshman

“My favorite booth was the National Honor Society booth because they had a raffle and they had fun activities like racing with your legs tied together with a friend.” Elly Tran, Freshman

“My favorite booth was pop-a-shot [Class of 2027] because it was really fun to play against your friends and see who could score the most points.” – Isaiah Estrada, Freshman

“I would say Book Club was my favorite because they gave out free books and the trivia game was very fun.” – Hannah Ikner, Sophomore

“I liked the National Honor Society’s booth because of the activity [bean bag toss].” – Anabelle Rodas, Senior

“My daughter and I loved the Book Club booth with their book trivia! Such a cute experience!” – Ms. Blanco, Math 

“I loved the Class of 2025 booth. The people running it were enthusiastic and worked great as a team the whole time. I also really liked how the prize was a full-sized candy bar!” – Ms. Haim, Math

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