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A lyric of growth—Music Honor Society


The smooth melodies of a trumpet, clarinet, and saxophone fill the M Building hallway with an echo of new styles of music each and everyday. Although band is also a course, it was just a few months ago that these comforting tunes slowly turned themselves into what is now known as Tri-M (Music Honor Society). 

Along with this club including the band, Tri-M has been fortunate to make this club not only for musical students but for anyone willing to be a part of performing arts. The history of this club started many years back, but it has only been an active club up until this year. With many new faces and a much stronger board,  this Music Honor Society’s main goal for this club is to allow students to connect their interests to others and really unite everyone together. From volunteer opportunities to music tutoring sessions, this club has been able to incorporate new ways of learning music and really letting students’ talent behind the instruments shine through. 

With the club sponsors, Mr. Espinosa and Ms. Rodriguez, pushing for this club to stay part of Charters regime, all the board members swiftly got to work as they envision this club to be better than it ever was before. Currently a junior, president Nicholas Ferrero has been able to dedicate many hours towards the club’s weekly meetings as he and the rest of the board hope for more members to join each week. 

Ferrero prioritizes “communication and mainly just organization sort of just over seeing the other board members go by and make sure they are doing their stuff and that they are in check.” Specifically for this club, it is very important that all the members provide their best efforts and full ideas as that can further advance the club even more. 

Tri-Music club is all about using creativity to express different emotions, pieces of work and it  really helps students to not be afraid to open up about their commitments.“I decided to join [Tri-M] because I love music, I love to sing, I play ukulele and I love listening to all types of music,” vice president Janessa Montilla reveals. 

As this club reaches a national level, it is important that Tri-M continues to show appreciation to band, art, and other forms of art as these pieces often are underappreciated by the student body. In addition to remembering this, the board of this club has had to stay consistent with their leadership as that is a key factor to success. 

Liana Samuel, also vice president of this club expresses, “I have learned more about cooperating with other people, and being able to manage myself in high stress situations. When you’re surrounded by really capable people it brings up your own self confidence or skill sets it multiplies your ability to do good things.” Having a good mindset towards a goal or small situations can make being part of a club much easier and more enjoyable. 

The best tip that has helped Montilla is “managing my time better and learning how to use google sheets and how to use that to track members’ hours and if they submitted their applications.” Tri-M club has allowed not only the officers but the members as well to rise up and be the best version of themselves they can be. 

Just like many things in life, Tri-M has definitely encountered a few challenges along the way. For example, promoting the club and doing it the right way has been a long process for the board. They had to get many approvals from administration and teachers in order to hang flyers around campus. Also, some students may not understand what the club is, which could be a reason why many students are hesitant to join the club. 

Ferrero further explains, “so basically the marching season was happening during late summer and early fall. During that time, it was raining a lot and everything got pushed back even including the stuff we are doing now in band for concert season and so in turn, Ms. Rodriguez didn’t have the time to start up a club.” But with the help of SGA and some of the officers being in other clubs, that has allowed the members and officers of other clubs to become more aware of Tri-M.

When they are not busy having a meeting, Tri-M focuses on the positive influence they are creating for the current members and the members to come. Soon enough, before the school year is over, music honor society would hope to incorporate mini performances each weekend for different nursing homes. Even though the year may be starting to come to a close, Tri-M is only just beginning with so many beneficial ideas in mind. After all, vice president Liana Samuel firmly believes that, “music is something that joins us all.”

Kisha Williams / Elite Realty
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