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Diwali under a night of lights

Camila Vaca & Zoe Porcia

Every autumn, millions of Americans come together to celebrate an important holiday with their family, giving thanks for the blessings they’ve received. Sound familiar? While the first holiday to come to mind for some may be Thanksgiving, others think of the biggest, most important holiday in the entire country of India: Diwali. 

“It’s based in Hinduism. There’s a lot of rituals that take place on the day of Diwali.” Shivraj Singh, a senior whose family celebrates the holiday, explained. Diwali usually falls in some date between late October to Early November. While it is based in Hinduism, the religious holiday is also celebrated by other religions, such as Jainism and Sikhism. Depending on the region, different families may celebrate it differently. 

Sonia Ally, also a senior, explained how her family celebrates the day. “We take out all our religious statues of the gods and the goddesses. Then we get elements of nature from our own surroundings, like mango leaves or hibiscus. We pray to them, and we say what we’re thankful for.” While other families gather around a dining table to share their gratitude, other families gather around religious symbols and texts. 

Shivraj’s family celebrates in a slightly different way from Sonia’s. “I have a small temple in my house that’s dedicated to specifically celebrating religious events. On Diwali, we go through and read all the mantras. I would equate them [mantras] to, almost like bible verses. Like historic texts, religious texts. And many are in the form of songs. So, we sing these songs, and we pray to the specific gods we celebrate during Diwali. We do those in my house, and then I have a lot of cousins that live nearby, so we always visit them and we finish off celebrating all together.”

 What Diwali is most known for, is probably the decorative facet of the holiday. Known for the circles of illuminated lights arranged by celebrating families, those celebrating will fill their homes with candles, often lit in the evening. These rings of lights are the one common factor among hundreds of varying celebrations of the holiday. 

While Diwali is not quite recognized in the United States as it is in India, it is still celebrated by a large amount of people all across the country, especially in our local area. It is always important to shed light on an important holiday like this, and keep in mind that there’s more than one way of giving thanks. 


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Isabella Cely-Garcia, News Editor
Hi everyone! My name is Isabella Cely, and I’m this year’s News Editor. I’m super excited to make my mark on this year’s CHAT as it is my final year in the newspaper family. I love to read and write(duh) and I look forward to all the amazing stories we have to share this year! Go jags!
Camila Vaca, Graphics Staff
Hi, I’m Camila! I’m currently a junior and this is my first year working on the CHAT as part of the graphics department. I enjoy drawing (both digitally and traditionally), pasta, playing tennis, being outdoors, hanging out with friends, and most importantly, having fun! I hope we all get to have an awesome year together. And if anything comes up, feel free to contact me at [email protected]!
Zoe Porcia, Graphics Staff
Hey there! My name is Zoe Porcia and this is my first year working in the CHAT as a junior. I will be a part of the graphics department as an artist and I am excited to see what journey I will take on this year as a new edition to the team. Apart from the CHAT, I am also in our school’s band and I primarily play clarinet as well as now marimba too. I’m really excited this year to showcase my artistic ideas along with being able to collaborate with the other people in my department. If you have any questions, concerns, or good recipes, please reach out to me at [email protected]!

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    AaronDec 8, 2023 at 8:54 AM

    As an indian this is very well written I loved to read this