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Don’t Say “Climate Change”: Desantis’s Latest Ban

Boaz St. Omer

Florida Governor Ron Desantis recently passed a bill on May 15, preventing Florida from enacting any bills to assuage anything deemed as climate change. The bill removes many laws regarding fossil fuel production, as well as laws promoting the use of alternative cleaner energy sources. It even banned the use of windmills along Florida’s coastline and removed incentives to purchase electric vehicles. 

Climate change has become a significant issue in recent years. Data from the Florida Climate Center shows that temperatures and the number of days with “extreme heat” have been increasing over the past decades. Florida, being entirely surrounded by water on 3 sides, very flat in terms of terrain, and being almost at sea level, is at a very high risk for flooding, which is proven to increase alongside climate change

Desantis took to social media to post an explanation for this bill, saying that it would be “restoring sanity in our approach to energy” to counter the “radical green zealots.” He stated that the alternative energy sources were a ploy by China to weaken the U.S, and used this as further justification for the bill, which has sparked controversy both online and even here at Charter.

Freshman Jerome Elshot explains that focusing on preventing climate change is crucial. “In order for the Earth to last longer for all the other generations, we all need to take part to stop global warming from taking effect,” he said.

However, science teacher Mrs. McCormick shares a different perspective. “I think that it’s going to encourage people to use gas cars and so people will continue to buy gas cars instead of electric cars, which will affect the environment.” McCormick also argues that as of now, we need to study climate change more to better understand how we influence the environment, and if the policies that were removed were even effective.

Mrs. Chaiken, an AICE Geography teacher, is well-informed on issues relating to global warming and climate change, as a large portion of her class is dedicated to the subject. “I think the governor’s decision is really unfortunate,” she said. “It’s vital that governments work towards reducing climate change before the damage is irreversible. The new laws will hurt any chance at progress and set back progress that’s already been made.” 

It’s certain that the effects of this bill will be felt all across Florida, whether they be economic or environmental. This bill also sets a precedent for the kind of bills that can and will be passed, and the role that science has in government. 

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