Charter’s Player of the Week: Hailey Cajigas

Brielle Gari, Staff Writer

   “It’s impacted me because I’ve learned how to work with and lead a team no matter the circumstances.” An impact she made as Hailey Cajigas won SBLives Florida Girls flag football player of the week. The star QB played all four years as a starter for the Pembroke Pines Charter flag football team. 

   Sending the Jaguars to three consecutive district finals and having remarkable past seasons, Hailey completed 35 out of 48 passes for a total of 520 yards and 9 touchdowns in the week of April 17-21. She also tallied 10 rushes for 91 yards, leading the team in rushing, passing, completion, and total touchdowns for the Jaguars. 

   Even as a young girl, football has never failed to draw the attention and interest of Hailey. “I’ve always loved football since I was little and I’ve always wanted to play, but thought I couldn’t since it’s never been considered a ‘girls sport.’ So in 6th grade when I found out I could play flag, I tried out right away.” Beating the odds, Cajigas found a way to play the game she loves most through flag football. “It feels great for my team and I (and the sport itself) to be recognized after so long of people not thinking we’re a “real” sport.”

   Looking back, Hailey reflects on winning the 2022 regional quarter finals. She constantly refers back to her favorite moment as a Charter athlete, the last play in overtime in that game throwing the winning touchdown. Hailey Cajigas has shown and proven to not only Charter but everyone in the county her capabilities.