AICE Diplomas in Jeopardy..?

Kimani Dodd, Staff Writer

  One group of students affected heavily by school closures are AICE students. AICE students have been following a path and that path is now in limbo, as seniors may not receive their AICE diplomas anymore: all the time, effort, and dedication may go to waste. Senior Mackenzie Ahearn expressed, “It’s really scary knowing that there’s a possibility to not get the AICE diploma. It’s really disheartening knowing that we all worked so hard for this and it may now not even be a possibility.” Another concern is how testing will work. Testing plays a major role in AICE classes and it’s unclear of what the future holds. Sophomore Julian Garcia said that if AICE exams were to get cancelled, it’s unclear how Cambridge could reward them credit. Sophomore Vedha Dave shares this same concern. She believes that since the AICE exams are in a new format and there is a large amount of confusion, it could put students at a disadvantage. Vedha voiced, “Everyone is confused on how the exams will be structured and how to prepare for them, which then makes us question if the difficulty of passing is intensified. I feel as though it is an unfair and unexpected circumstance.” Despite this, Vedha is doing her best to remain positive. With so much up in the air, only time will tell what happens for AICE students. But hopefully, it all works out in the end.

Sophomore Julian Garcia
Sophomore Vedha Dave
Senior Mackenzie Ahearn