Madison Casanova: Paving the Way At Charter

Lucas Giron and Mariana Ardila

Over the years, Pines Charter has grown to become one of the most competitive soccer programs in the state. With district trophies and notable playoff runs to back it up, it’s a known fact Charter that produces talent. When freshman Madison Casanova showed up there was no doubt that she would be the starting goalkeeper and that they would have a shot in bringing that State Championship to Charter. 

 Madison Casanova transferred her 8th-grade year to the Academic Village campus and made her name be known at tryouts. She started her varsity journey as an 8th grader, which is exceptionally rare, with constant shutout games. She ended with only two goals conceded out of the whole regular season and helped the team finish undefeated. She was later then included as an honorable mention for the All county as only an 8th grader. Madison says, “It felt good knowing that I could play well against people so much older than me and also getting to play with different people.”

Casanova has a bright future ahead of her and has caved a path for future goalkeepers on the girls varsity team. Even though she started as an 8th grader, she never hesitated to lead the team and become a huge voice in the back. Not only does she make an impact through the high school team, but Madison is also a wall in club soccer too. She plays for the 07 Florida United GA team which is the highest-level club in the Broward county area. 

While only being a freshmen, Madison has already attended high-level college ID camps like UF, Harvard, UM, and UCF. Not only does Madison showcase her skills on the field, she also displays her academic intelligence at school. Madison states, “I wish to finish top 10 in my class and win states.” Madison carries a 4.9 weighted GPA as a freshman. With her amazing talent on the field and great academic performance off the field, Madison’s future is looking bright here at Pines Charter.