New Year, New Me: How Will Students Improve in 2023?

Alexia Rivera, Staff Writer

   Just like a clean slate, the new year is a way to hit the reset button. Many people take the new year as an opportunity to learn from the past or find ways to improve in order to become their desired self. Whether it relates to work, school, personality, health, or relationships, students utilize New Year’s Resolutions to better one’s self or their life as a whole. Being able to set goals, people have something to look forward to for the new year and will obtain the motivation necessary to reach their peak. Everyone is unique, with different objectives when it comes to improving for this year. Students at Pembroke Pines Charter High School share their goals and resolutions to make 2023 their year:


   “I want to improve my love for myself so that it’s easier to not only reflect love on others, but to also receive it. In order to do this, I’ve set goals like going to the gym more, eating healthy, and saying daily affirmations and manifestations to stay positive to myself.”

– Freshman, Julia Cortes


“I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes as before– like allowing failure to hinder progress for a goal, as well as lack of accountability.”

– Junior, Manuel Almonte


 “Something I would like to improve on this year is my attendance in school. Over the years, I’ve had trouble coming to school frequently. This is something I would definitely like to work on this year, and in return, improve my grades.”

-Sophomore, Sabrina Royero


  “My New Year’s resolution is to improve on my workout and be more consistent.”

– Senior, Sofia Navarro


   “Goals to improve myself in 2023 are that I’m going to try to sleep more or make a better sleeping schedule and get more involved in helping the community.”

– Freshman, Marcus Mendez


   “For the New Year, I want to improve my discipline and focus in order to become the best version of myself.”

– Junior, Zach Pintaluga


   “My goals for this year are to get healthier and meet new people.”

– Senior, Alexandra Morera


  “In 2023 I want to get my grades up and make my mom proud. Some goals I have are to make more money, new friends, and work out more. I’m trying to build myself more this year and be a better person.”

– Sophomore, Tor-Anthony Stevens