Chew On This


Samantha Miragliotta, Social Media Assistant

     In today’s time approximately one in three U.S. children and teenagers are obese or overweight caused by fast food consumption(American Heart Assumption). Millions of people all around the U.S. are lacking the essential knowledge of what fast food is capable of doing to our bodies. Some of the effects of fast food are: weight gain, respiratory problems, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, and due to added pounds pressure on our hearts and lungs. The article Chew on This quickly helped me realize the dangers and threats fast food poses to Americans.  I was surprised to learn that with every consumed meal of fast food I was slowly but surely  taking time off my life. This made me rethink my past life choices and the consequences of the food I put into my body. If you had asked me prior to reading this I couldn’t fathom that McDonald’s delicious fries could possibly be my demise down the road. Just like me before informing myself, others who think fast food contains mostly “natural flavors” are sadly mistaken. For instance, McDonald’s fries are dipped in beef fat to give it a better flavor and taste. Nearly all material like this is withheld from the public. Most people don’t know any better about the risks of fast food unless they were to take it upon themselves to find out. Which should not be the case, all Americans should be well informed that fast food chains are encouraging people to not only eat things full of salts, sugars, fats, but also eat larger portions at every meal. Fast food is linked to a etc. amount of health problems from even just one meal.  The real issue that everyone faces when eating fast food is the future risks. No one wishes to have a medical illness or disease, but when making the decision to boycott this category of foods it helps give them a better chance of a content future without sickness. Consumers may feel the need to be conscious of the fast food industry. If not the industry will just eat them up.