Dodging College Application Curveballs

Samantha Miragliotta, Managing Editor

   It’s about that time again, when the weather’s cooler, students are settling into school routines, and seniors stress over the ever grueling process of applying for colleges. It is officially college applications season! Here are some quick tips from seniors to lower classmen on dos and don’ts when applying to college. How to start, when’s the best time to apply, how to avoid falling down the procrastination hole, etc. 

Question: How is your college application process going and do you have any tips or advice for underclassmen?


“My advice for lower classmen regarding the college application process is to start as soon as possible and begin thinking about what you’re writing in the summer. Stay taking the SAT and ACT in your junior year instead of stressing in your senior year. Also, it’s very important to choose a topic that showcases you.” – Senior Trisha Villanueva 

“The college application process can be very expensive. One of my tips is to research scholarship opportunities because a lot of people have dream schools but they don’t take into account how to afford it.” – Senior Diana Angel 

“Start applying to colleges early on rather than at the last minute. When starting your college essay one of my tips is to not feel like you have to write about something traumatic as long as you’re writing about something impactful to you in some way.” – Senior Shane Wooden 

“A huge tip that was helpful for me was to make sure that I stayed organized and managed my time well with deadlines. It’s important to always keep them in the back of your mind to reference back to.” – Senior Amanda Vasquez 

“When writing your college essay. Finding someone to help edit and proofread your writing is important. Also, create multiple drafts and save them in a folder with all your files to stay organized. Also in the future, you might want to refer to one of your old drafts so don’t delete anything even if at the moment you don’t like it. Try to have a basic draft for your essay by the middle of the essay to start finalizing your essay. ” – Senior Anjali Balla

“College apps are stressful but do it early and you will be fine. I started my application in the summer to give myself enough time. during the school year to finalize and get a fee from teachers.” – Senior Chloe Barnett

“Stag early the wicker you start the faster you have  it done don’t wait because then you’re rushing the quicker you finish the better off that you are.” – Senior Emily Somberg

“When doing your college essays Get your essay done early here, proofread and edit by multiple opinions before submitting.” – Senior Brandon Vasquez