The Class of 2022’s Climb to Top 5%


Collage by: Natali Brito

Rebekah Barrera, Arts & Entertainment Editor

  As the 2021-2022 school year comes to a close, the entirety of PPCHS celebrates making it through a period full of twists and turns. Without a doubt, returning to normal proved to be a challenge, and for a class that has experienced four totally different school years, the 2022 seniors only continue to honor Jaguar Pride more and more with their achievements. 

   Being recognized as part of the class’s top 5% is a result of perseverance and continuous effort. After pushing through thick and thin, these seniors have managed to make it there and finish high school off strong.

   Fantastic job to:

   Sabrina Araujo-Elorza, Alexandra Brown, Gabriel Diaz, Zayna Diaz, Rian Freeman, Alex Garcia-Marin, Brady Garrison, Kaylee Huemura, Radliff Jeantinor, Aliya Khan, Hibah Khan, Hansini Koppolu, Nicole Llanes, Raul Lopez, Gabriella Luna, Natalia Matovelle, Melanie Miguel, Bennett Pollack, Deacon Prideaux, Evangelin Rejeev, Isabella Rodriguez, Matthew Vidal, Samantha Villafane, and Julian Villarta!

   While all of these seniors share the same accomplishment, each has gone on their own journey to achieve success. Multiple were eager to share their personal feelings on being in the top 5%, how they got there, and what the title means to them.


“It was definitely a lot of hard work and it’s great to see that it has paid off.” Sabrina Araujo-Elorza


I’m really happy to be in the top 5%, I feel like it is a reflection of my academic accomplishments which took a lot of time and hard work . I mostly focused on keeping my grades up, especially semester ones. It wasn’t a direct goal to be in the top 5%, I was taking AP/AICE/DUAL mostly for colleges, but getting good grades in them allowed me this achievement … the best part of getting this title is the recognition for the amount of effort I put in to school.” Aliya Khan


“I’d say the best part of being in the top 5% is just being able to say I did it. Throughout high school, I worked a lot for the grades I received and to get recognition for it really means a lot. It felt really good to see my hard work pay off and get rewarded. Not a lot of people get to say that they were in the top 5% percent of their class, and it’s truly an accomplishment I’ll carry with me wherever I go.” Bennett Pollack


“Being number 4 in my class is honestly such an achievement that I feel proud of and I’m happy to hold that title because it means that all of my hard work paid off in the end. When it comes to the process of getting there, I made sure to take all the AICE and AP classes I could without overwhelming myself because I knew that taking an extra AP or AICE that wasn’t suited to what I wanted to study would not benefit me and could possibly harm my grades if I chose to overwhelm myself … I didn’t like the thought of spending all my high school experience behind a desk studying – even though I would say I did spend a good amount of time doing that too. I’d say the best part of earning my title is the sense of accomplishment I feel personally … And the college benefits of being able to put that on my applications, of course. If I were to give advice to any of my underclassmen it would be that you should work hard but not overwork yourself. Most of us will go to college and do this all over again so we should enjoy our time now before we actually become adults that are required to spend all their time behind a desk studying.” Isabella Rodriguez


“It feels awesome! It’s definitely an achievement that cannot be accomplished without consistent dedication throughout all 4 years of high school. I think everyone who achieved it definitely is goal oriented and doesn’t back away from a challenge. The best part is being recognized for your efforts and being able to apply for Jaguar Pride!” –Samantha Villafane


   As these seniors graduate soon and continue to work towards success, they leave Charter with a good example of what it means to have Jaguar Pride. Congrats, seniors!