The Top Netflix Show for Weeks: All of Us Are Dead


Cariana Pou, Staff Writer

   If you have yet to watch this show: watch it now! All of Us Are Dead is a Netflix series that was on a three-week streak for being the No. 1 show, which means that it was highly ranked when reviewed by people who had already watched it. The show is relatively new: it was released on January 28, 2022, and, as of now, consists of only one season with 13 episodes, that are about an hour-long each. 

   There has been speculation that a new season of All of Us Are Dead is to come in 2023, so for some viewers it could be something to look forward to, with all of its cliffhangers and unsolved mysteries. For new viewers of the show, they won’t have to worry about getting overly attached or only having one season to binge-watch, as there is (possibly) more in store for them.

   The show isn’t the typical American Netflix series— it is a South Korean action/horror series, similar to the show Squid Game that blew up a few months earlier: but the similarities end there. Sophomore Natalia Nunez, who has watched both, states that “Watching both shows, they are great, but in my opinion I think All of Us Are Dead was the best. The shows aren’t comparable but All of Us Are Dead kept my attention more than Squid Game due to the interesting plot.” All of Us Are Dead was created by three South Korean directors and the cast is also full of amazing actors that you may have seen before on the streaming platform, such as Lee You-mi (who starred in Squid Game) and Kim Byong-chul (who was in Sky Castle).

   Overall, the show is about a zombie virus that starts in a high school, which forces everyone inside to find ways to make it out alive. The virus is spread through biting—and that’s all the spoilers I’ll give for now, because I recommend that you watch it yourself; and so does junior Omar Samuel! He expresses his opinions on the show, stating that it was “Not really [his] typical series, but when Netflix put it as number one [he] knew it had to be good and it definitely lived up to the hype; [he] enjoyed the show a lot.”

   Hitting the top of the Netflix charts was a major breakthrough for the show, and encouraged many others to watch it as well!