An Exclusive Look on New Aero Engineering Course

Samantha Miragliotta, Features Editor

   As course selection cards are approaching quickly and it’s time for you to choose what classes to take for the year to come, it’s important that your aware of some of the new changes and additions to our course selection cards. One of them is to the science and technology and electives category, such as Aero Engineering (Drone Operation), which is now available for the coming school year.

Q: Is the aero engineering course honors and what are some of the things it covers? 

A: As an honors course, it is an introductory course to basic pilot training. The course will start with unmanned systems which are drone operations to learn the fundamentals similar to pilot training.

Q: What does the program include? 

A: Aero Engineering starts off with drone training in order to give students the feel of what that industry is all about. Today there are several Aeronautical Science programs in our area such as the small airport. It’s an industry that’s continuously growing and ever-evolving. 

Q: Why Aero Engineering?

A: Aero Engineering is something that PPCHS has been trying to implement with science electives such as Aero Engineering, is exposing students to careers of the future and providing them with opportunities to prepare them for this. There are multiple things that the administration has been pushing for and feels need students to be prepared for. The first thing is just providing exposure to students who might be interested in aerodynamics and possibly becoming a pilot.

Q: In the future how will you expand this course?

A: In the future, one of the things that we want to do is to pair this course with our business course so that we could possibly have our drone operators actually create a drone business to work for different community partners. For example, Real estate Agents need drone work for when they are showing homes, roofing companies, event planners use drone operators to showcase their events and marketing advertisements. Drone operators take pictures from a bird’s eye view from up above and get all different angles of the event. Many people are using drones as the next best thing. 

Q: What is the main goal of the program? 

A: The main goal for this program is for in the future we may be able to take it to the next level where students can create their own business, make an LLC, where we can in-house and provide services for the community. Embry–Riddle University is one of the premier schools for aeronautics and with the school pairing with them we get the curriculum and equipment from them. 

Q: Who will be teaching the course? 

A: Mr. Fagen will be teaching Aero Engineering.

Q: What are some challenges in starting this course? 

A: One challenge with starting up this course is enrollment and getting students that will not only take this program seriously but are also passionate about learning. Because it is a career technical course students can take a certification exam where they are certified and students can take that certification with them into the workforce. 

A: Some other courses that offer these certifications attached to it when they pass thor exams previously offered are Web design and Cyber Security.