February Fundraisers: Flowers, Necklaces, Matchomatics Results & More!

Trisha Villanueva, Staff Writer

The month of February was a huge month for the Forza Stefano club, the Class of 2023, Best Buddies, and Key Club. Each club had Valentine’s Day themed fundraisers, from selling flowers, key necklaces, the Matchomatics results, and Pura Vida bracelets. 

   Towards the end of January, students participated in the Matchomatics survey, to see who they will match with between the different grades in school. The Matchomatics (matchmaker fundraiser) is hosted by Best Buddies every year, with the exception of last year. When ordering the questionnaires, President Miranda Pereira read the description to have the birthday trivia on the back, and thought it’d be a fun way to enhance the tradition of selling them. She says, “I figured that was the perfect way to restart the fundraiser and get people excited to buy their results.” Students were able to get their results for $2 starting the 11th during both lunches. About 150 students bought their results, but some also bought their friend’s results. In total, around 200-300 were sold on the first day alone.

Photo by Jeinily Bencon

   Back in 2020, we only bought the results, without the birthday trivia on the back. Although it is slightly more expensive, many students bought their results: “Our sales were amazing this year and I think having more fun facts on the backside contributed to that,” adds Miranda. It’s nice having the birthday fun facts on the back because it includes: birthday buddies, a famous quote, birthstone, Western and Chinese horoscope, important days in history that are the same day as students’ birthdays, and matches with celebrities and zodiac matches in school. 

   Moving on, the Class of 2023 sold flowers with a personalized note or with a singing gram, courtesy of the Chorus Club. There were three song options: Just The Way You Are, Can’t Help Falling in Love, or All You Need is Love. Between the note and the singing gram, the singing gram was slightly more popular, but with a note was popular regardless as it was a simple way to show extra love and appreciation for friends, loved ones, and teachers. In total, about 150 red and pink carnations were sold and were distributed on Valentine’s Day. They also offered red, dark red, pink, and white carnations for sale that same day in case anyone wanted to buy one.

Photo by Jeinily Bencon

   Additionally, Key Club sold key necklaces for $5, so students could show a special someone that they’re the key to their heart! They started selling them with a free personalized note at the end of January and stopped on the 10th, but they continued to sell premade ones on Valentine’s day without the note. Delivery day was on the 11th and Secretary Trinity Tangs expresses, “We made the most daily sales on delivery day when people saw how adorable the packaging is and how dainty the necklace is.” About 40 necklaces were sold altogether!

   Last but not the least, the Forza Stefano Club has had successful fundraisers all year. From selling Pura Vida bracelets, club sweatshirts, fundraisers at Chipotle, Jeremiah’s and Mecnhie’s, and an upcoming one at Mod Pizza at the end of February! Out of all the food fundraisers, the event that the most members participated in was the Menchie’s fundraisers held back in the 4th and 5th. At the Forza Stefano 6th Annual Water Polo Tournament and in school, about 120 bracelets have been sold at $6 each. They are currently selling more, up until March 3rd. They also have had two drives, one for board games and one for health (masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, and Clorox wipes) to donate to the Teens at the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. President Stella Dioguardi states, “We are planning on selling other merchandise to raise funds for the Forza Stefano Charitable Foundation.” 

   We thank all the Jags for participating in all these fundraisers!