Valentine’s Day Activities That Everyone Can Enjoy!


Graphic by Mariana Riano

Samantha Miragliotta, Features Editor

   That feeling you get when your heart races and beats louder with joy, when you’re spending time with those you cherish, and doing some of the things that you enjoy with the people that you love. This is only a taste of what Valentine’s Day may have in store for you. It’s officially February, and this much-anticipated holiday is here! Valentine’s Day is a day full of love and joy, the time you spend with your loved ones and that special someone that you hold most dear. It’s also a day that we celebrate love, friendship, and admiration.

   There is a common misconception that this holiday is superficial, and some may claim that it was probably invented by greeting card companies or that it is primarily for single people, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Valentine’s Day has evolved over time to become a day that everyone can appreciate! 

   Moving on, most people often overlook the simplest and most sincere things that you can do to celebrate Valentine’s Day, which is just telling the people you care about that you cherish, love and appreciate them. Many people tend to make the mistake of only celebrating their loved ones by giving gifts, flowers, or heart-shaped chocolate boxes, which are all very lovely, but one way to truly celebrate them is to do activities together that remind each of you in an authentic and heartfelt way of why you fell in love.

    In order to truly celebrate this sweet holiday every year on February 14th, couples and families participate in several Valentine’s Day activities and traditions. Below are my ranked top 5 Valentine’s Day Activities:

1. Send Messages of Love 

Although this is a trivial and well-known activity, nothing tops the classics in this case. This is a wonderful way for you to express how much you adore each other, not through text, mobile, or the internet, but through a sincere heartfelt message, such as a letter or a note. Each individual can pour their heart out in a very personal yet very rewarding way. 

2. Watch a Valentine’s Day Movie

   This may seem very cliché, however watching a movie together is a great way to not only spend time with each other but bond as well. Movie watching as a whole with family and friends can have a range of positive relationship benefits. For instance, some of these benefits include strengthening bonds, promotes academic success, and lessens behavioral problems.  

3. Don’t Scroll and Talk 

With so many distractions nowadays it’s easy to be wrapped up into our own worlds, especially with our phones being one of the most prominent. It’s critical to block out time for your loved ones and make them a priority in your life. One small step that you can take is to turn off your phone for an hour and just talk and listen to what they have to say in the moment. There is a huge difference between hearing and actively listening.

4. Play a Game

When was the last time simply you and your loved ones played a game? A great way to reconnect with each other is to choose a favorite board game from your closet, or experiment with a new couple’s themed game, such as Talk, Flirt, or Our Moments. 

5. Go Stargazing

You can stargaze with your loved ones or even go on a date. For example, setting up a stargazing date does not require the use of a telescope. Simply go outside with a comfortable outdoor blanket and a stargazing app to help you identify constellations in the night sky. This will sure to be a date that’s very memorable and a great location for a date.

   I hope you guys enjoyed some of my favorite Valentine’s Day Activities and that you enjoy this special holiday!