Hour of Code: Learning the Language of Computers


Photo by Jeinily Bencon

Valerie Questell, Clubs Editor

   Imagine a world with the ability to speak to computers. Using a certain language whether it be Javascript or Python, to demand technology to do whatever you wish. We are in the future; we have now gained access to that technology and it is essential to be aware. As times begin to change, technology becomes an asset that almost everyone needs; being educated on computer programming and a general knowledge and understanding of technology is an aspect that will be highly beneficial for the future. 

   Hour of Code is a newly dedicated time for children to be exposed to this acquired knowledge. This program has been fortunately utilized by students around the world–leading to my statement–coding is becoming a new foundational skill. Hour of Code exposes young students to the introduction of computer science and shows how to translate code. One may wonder, why would computer science be such an important concept? According to hourofcode.com computer science assists in “problem-solving, logic, and creativity.” This can boost a student’s foundational skills and potentially open an interest in futuristic careers that value coding skills. Careers such as software engineering and even the medicinal field will become highly dependent on coding and computer science. Foundational skills such as science, math, and reading are incorporated into computer programming and computer science, making it easier to start one’s path in coding. 

   Nearly 51% of high schools in the United States offer computer science classes, therefore, this is why Hour of Code could be utilized in schools that have and don’t have computer science classes. Hour of Code is available for everyone and is majorly simple. Hour of Code gives valid tutorials and is easy for even teachers to use, as some may not have acquired the same experience as their students. Coding is available for any age but most importantly students; students’ minds are like sponges that can retain information and can further their research. This program has given over 100 million students the confidence and opportunity to expand their knowledge on computer science; regardless of their high school or school in general. I believe that exposing students to STEM can potentially impact the world positively, as many important careers are now basing tasks on technology. Doctors: new medicine and technology to cure and save people such as prosthetics. Engineering: building materials that can be utilized during everyday life such as new phones and new inventions. Art: Being able to create and display realistic pieces that can come to life, robotics, and even projecting the artwork. According to hourofcode.com “Computing jobs are the number one source of new wages in the US” leading to the fact that computer science majors earn up to 40% more than most college graduates. Not to mention, young students who develop an interest in computer science tend to be 17% more likely to attend college.

   Computer science education week is a time to embrace computer science and expand one’s knowledge. December 6 is an important day around the world because that is when Hour of Code is initiated. Anyone can host Hour of Code at any time but computer science education week is a time to teach students and spark their interest. Registration opens in October for classes, but almost anyone can request a program during this time. During this week, programs open up from pre-reading grades all the way to high school. These courses can be long or short depending on which one is selected, but the filters include but are not limited to: science, math, reading, language arts, and even history. 

   Overall, computer science is a growing asset and field. The benefits are endless and that is why it is important for schools around the world to be exposed to Hour of Code. It may seem difficult, but one lesson can spark an interest to change the world and open endless possibilities and advantages throughout careers. As years go by, the world will have augmented dependency on technology as it will become an asset that everyone will need. Being educated and aware of these skills will ensure success anywhere in the world. Someone as little as 5 years old can make an impact while using computer programming languages.