Ms. Alongi: (WAY) More Than a Teacher


Graphic by: Megan Ingram

Adam Abougendia, Sports Editor

   The Alongi name in Pembroke Pines Charter system is renowned in so many ways. From being a student in these halls, to now being a teacher alongside her aunt, Ms. Alongi has changed what it really means to be a teacher at Pines Charter for the better. 

   From being a teacher for one of the most rigorous courses in high school, “APUSH”, to adopting a new course, “Women Studies”, yet still taking over the Athletic trainer duties here at school, and the most daunting of all, becoming a doctorate student at the University of Miami. You could say she’s crazy but for Alongi, the intimidating challenge only excites her expressing, “Going into the year, the idea of teaching an AP class on its own was scary enough. Now with the doctorate and the full time athletic trainer job, I will say it’s gonna be a heavier workload no question about it. I love my kids though, I preach it over and over and that’s why I do what I do.”

   Furthering her studies, Mrs. Alongi along with fellow social studies teacher Mr. Garcia has taken the opportunity to be titled, “Dr. Alongi and Dr. Garcia”. The two have been admitted into the University of Miami as doctorate students. Despite being hesitant about accepting admission, Ms. Alongi knew down the line this chance would prove good later down the road. She explained, “My students are my children and they know that. This doctorate allows me to better myself to be a better role model for them.” 

   It’s an honor she may not totally accept, yet the recognition is special to her regardless, year after year that Ms. Janelle Alongi proves way more than just a teacher.